Edgar Does NOT Trust Windsorites

I do not care what Edgar says on July 20.  As far as I am concerned, he is no longer fit to be Mayor of Windsor.

He does not want us to know what is going on in this City.  He is afraid of us.  He doesn’t trust us.  He wants to hide decision-making from us.  He has his own agenda, whatever it is, and nothing and no one can stand in his way.

The meeting at Council on Monday was supposed to be a very simple one although the subject is controversial. One  item only:However, buried in the Communications Package, if you knew where to look. and I must admit I did not even think of it until someone told me about it late Monday afternoon, was this  little gem:

Yes you got it.  A Report to do with garbage.  Sprung on us so that no one would  know about  it  unless by chance you happened to visit the City’s website and checked out the Communications Reports.  It took an  hour to be  adopted and the  request  made for deferral  for a  week  was defeated.

So what if it is a controversial issue that is tearing apart the City.  Edgar has  his agenda that he is following .   


Now technically, and our Mayor is a technical whiz-kid, no one can complain because everything is being done "in public." Of course, few people knew about it but what does that matter when you have a Mayor who’s afraid of the public.  And of  course the  public cannot speak on Communications items at all by appearing as delegations.

So Council can pretend to look at this matter "in public" without public oversight and say that they are not concerned about Turtle Island and the fact that litigation questions were not answered in the affirmative.

To me, the issue is a very simple one, not as presented by Administration. Did Turtle Island mislead Council? Whether it was deliberate or inadvertent really should not matter for such a sophisticated company.   

As Administration stated, they had to rely on bidders. If Council was misled, how can Turtle Island be relied upon? How can one deal with such a company? Why would anyone enter into a contract with such a company?


The matter respecting the litigation is not an insignificant one at all. It goes right to the heart of whether or not garbage should be privatized. If there is a change in the contract, how much will it cost the City in extra payments to Turtle Island? Even though their initial bid may be low, a change in the contract could allow them to increase the cost dramatically.

A lawsuit could well result if the parties cannot agree or perhaps Turtle Island would walk away from the contract entirely. Where would that leave the City with respect to garbage collection? That could make the 101 day strike look like child’s play.

Oh, Administration tried to save the day for the Mayor by downplaying everything. In their world, it is merely a question of how many points Turtle Island should lose for litigation not been disclosed.  It was only a 5-pointer.  Whew, 8 might have meant  disqualification.  Missed it by 3.

In my world and in that of taxpayers I would expect, the question is whether Turtle Island should be disqualified entirely for nondisclosure. "Points" are a cop-out!

If you think I am being overly harsh, just look at this comment made by Administration. It is a nice CYA attempt in case someone complains in the future.

Frankly, it would not surprise me if one of the companies involved in the garbage proposal decided to threaten the City with litigation over this matter. (From listening at  Council, the  WDS’s  lawyer  has threaten  one  already but the  City  Solicitor thinks  WDS will lose.)

To be quite direct about it, the issue is no longer garbage or outsourcing or privatization. The issue is Edgar Francis and his fitness to continue to be our Mayor.

It should be pretty clear to readers of this BLOG what I think of him and the way he treats us. I just do not understand him at all and what he is so afraid of.

It is very clear to me that he is in the wrong profession. I truly hope that he decides never to run again for a political office in Windsor.

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Ed Arditti
Ed Arditti is a retired lawyer and living in Tecumseh, Ontario. Email Ed Arditti