Toronto Ice Storm


By Robert Stephen

(TORONTO, ON) – You can hear branches crashing down. Some streets are closed due to downed hyrdo wires.

Street cars are cancelled. A few more hours to go before it ends.

250,000 without power in Toronto.

Street littered with branches.

Better to stay inside!


A drive down to Spadina subway station proved problematic with many side streets blocked by yellow tape due to tree limbs blocking the road or hydro wires down. People cleaning up tree branches scramble as tree branches crash to the ground. Some are wearing hockey helmets. Downed trees litter Spadina and half the street lights are out with many failing to understand 4 way stops are required in such situations. Tree branches continue to crash down. In the distance every once in awhile you’ll see the blue pops of exploding transformers. Despite Environment Canada proclaiming and end to the freezing rain warning it’s beginning to rain again. Side streets are icy and sidewalks sheer ice.



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