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I was having trouble surfing the net. Websites were slow to download, would often not download at all requiring a refresh and I kept getting error messages all the time.

It was all probably due to the fact that I was using an old version of Internet Explorer, IE 9. Oh please, don’t tell me that I should be using Google Chrome or Firefox. I just don’t like them and find them very difficult to use.

I finally decided that I had better download version 11 of Internet Explore to get the latest and greatest. I really did not want to do it because I was terrified of what the newer version might do to all my settings and add-on toolbars. I have had the experience of downloading updates to software and sometimes wish I had not done it.

As an example, I use a PC based search engine as a database tool to find items on my computer. It does the job for me and does it very efficiently and quickly. However, there is a newer version available that I have not yet downloaded. The software keeps reminding me that is out of date. I’m not sure that I want to take the chance to update it. So far, I have resisted the temptation and everything is working well.

Perhaps one day I will get the nerve to do so but today is not that day.

Fortunately everything turned out fine with my IE 11 download. Everything was just the way I wanted it with no big changes.

However, I do have the nerve to present to you some of the stories that I have found using my new browser.


I wonder if I will get my 10% fee for finding money for the Windsor Star. Actually, I did not find it. My colleague did based on the story I wrote about the money transferred to the Bank of Canada. He checked the Bank’s database and here is what he found:


I don’t feel so bad after all. CIBC doesn’t seem to know who the Windsor Star is or how to find it.

I doubt if the Star will give me any money to be blunt about it. However, if they do collect the funds, perhaps they might donate the 10% fee to one of the charities in town in the name of the Windsor Square.


The legacy of Edgar (aka Eddie) Francis is crumbling, piece by piece. It has started already and it is not the Nattering Nabobs who are doing it. Rather, it is a Senior Minister of the Canadian Government who was attacking what Edgar proposed and carried out with the assistance of the Francis Council.

Here is what John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said about an arena in the boonies. You know, the place where the East End Arena was placed rather than in the downtown. You know the one I mean…where the expense is borne by taxpayers both for its construction and for the annual operating cost losses although it was claimed initially that it would make a profit:

“The Sens organization said it will make its final decision on whether to submit an application to the NCC over the next few weeks. While the Senators believe an NHL arena at LeBreton could drive economic development in the core, as well as serve as an “architectural anchor” for the development, they underlined that they “feel very strongly that this could only be possible with strong community support.”

That could be a call to arms to Sens fans who support an arena in the city core to rise up in support of the idea.

For decades, many have decried the current arena’s Kanata location as inconvenient, if not a downright barrier to attendance…

Even Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird seemed to question the current location of the NHL arena…

few cities have an opportunity to develop a major piece of land in its downtown core…

Still, when pressed about the possibility of a hockey arena, the foreign affairs minister said, “I’ve travelled quite a bit and I’ve never seen a major sports arena in the middle of nowhere.” (Joanne Chianello Ottawa Citizen December 9, 2014)

Under Edgar, Windsor had the ability to build its arena downtown. Instead, we built it where shrewd investors thought that our new downtown might be…in yahoopitsville. Instead, we built a white elephant 80 million dollar Aquatic Centre in its place.

Two mistakes in one. What would John Baird say about that.


Hey, I know how to save some money. Get rid of Councillors in Windsor. Who needs them with this kind of an attitude:

“Mayor Drew Dilkens said it may be time to unload the old marina, if someone offers a fair price, though he has not decided which is the best of three options council will consider — maintaining the status quo, partnering with an operator, or selling the property.” (Craig Pearson Windsor Star December 10, 2014)

Ah, a perfect Edgar 2.0. He makes a decision and then presents it to Council for rubberstamping.

One gentleman quoted in the story thought that the City is allowing the Marina to run down to justify building one downtown the way Edgar wanted to do. However, it makes no economic sense. The Lakeview Park Marina was only 73% occupied in 2013 and only made $75,000 according to the Star story.

As a wrote before about the marina:

“Consider this. Gord has told us that a new marina will cost around $11 million and will berth somewhere between 35 to 40 boats.

Will the City make any money on this?

I’m sure that the way it will be presented is that if it is full at X dollars per boat per boating season, the operating costs will be covered and we might even make a small profit on it. Isn’t that how the Arena was sold to us?

Alternatively, we will not be given any dollar figures because then people would scream but rather we will be told that the real purpose behind the Marina is to increase tourism. That concept — except it was jobs, not tourism, and training people at St. Clair College —justified the MRO being rented out at a nominal rate and without paying property taxes…

Do you see what the missing piece is in all of this? What is our payback on the capital invested? What is our rate of return? It is not just enough to look at operating profit or loss but we should be looking at getting back our money over time…

Imagine then what the daily cost would be for a transient Marina at the waterfront to cover not only that the operating costs but the return on capital as well. The reality is, no one could afford to use that Marina!”


Darn, look at how much money could have been saved if only that trip to Istanbul took place a little bit later on. I know it’s not a business class fare but still, it is a terrific rate that would have allowed the University to spend less considering their budgetary deficit:


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