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Let me get into it right away. Sit back with a cup of coffee and shake your head in amazement.


While our ex- Mayor and our new Mayor pretend there is some real value in the MRO at the airport for which we spent tens of millions of dollars, and while St. Clair College still waits for someone to contribute a few dollars for a training program for aviation students, look what is going on at London, Ontario.

Is it any wonder that this City is batting .000 for any significant economic development:

“The massive hangar in London is filled with old, retired aircraft and young, enterprising students.

But all Graham Casson can see is the future of Canada’s aircraft industry.

Fanshawe College, which has taken over the hangar, could become home to one of the country’s top flight repair schools with a $13-million investment in its aircraft maintenance program, said Casson, who chairs the college’s aviation faculty.

“We want to build a school here that will compete with the Embry-Riddles of the world,” he said of the Florida-based aeronautical university, an industry leader.

In September, Fanshawe moved some classes into the hangar at London International Airport, which had been home to Air Canada’s Jazz feeder airline and was and used for aircraft maintenance before it moved to Halifax. The college has invested heavily in renovating the space, building classrooms and adding state-of-the-art technology.

The rest of the classes and students will move over Jan. 5, Casson said.

The school spent about $10 million to buy and renovate the hangar and building, and will add up to another $3 million in classroom technology and machinery.” (Norman DeBono London Free Press December 22, 2014)

It’s so sad.


Amalgamation of the City and the County will be the “opiate of the masses” for our new Mayor. He needs something big to divert taxpayers’ attention away from the financial mess that this City is in. Oh, you will not hear about it in 2015 but rather during Budget 2016. After all, we must hold the line on taxes in 2015 to preserve the Edgar (aka Eddie) Legacy and Dilkens has already signalled that taxes will go up.

Accordingly, something is needed to get people talking about a matter other than taxes. Moreover, considering that the Mayor is doing is PhD on amalgamation, it is a no-brainer that he will want to be the Mayor who brought the City and County together even if the County doesn’t want it. There is no doubt in my mind that he will try and get the Province to force this on this area no matter what anybody thinks. Once that is achieved, by 2018, he can then go on to bigger and better things to allow [FR]Eddie to run for Mayor.

The first step to do so was the opening of conversations between the Mayor and the County Warden with respect to extending the bus lines into the County. It accomplished little practically speaking but it got the discussions going:

“Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Essex County Warden Tom Bain held a new conference Wednesday to say they restarted discussions on a county transit system — but on a small scale…

Dilkens said it’s too early to know how much a smaller bus system will cost. And though he also doesn’t know when it might start — since several municipal councils have to consider the project, among other hurdles — he thinks Transit Windsor could pull off its portion without much delay.

“In terms of Transit’s perspective, it’s something we can accomplish very, very quickly,” Dilkens said.” (Craig Pearson Windsor Star December 17, 2014)

I think we should expect this as time goes on:

“Dilkens said at the first press conference of his as mayor, which he held with Bain, that he hopes to foster good relations with his counterparts in the county.

“We’re going to have conversations and some things may stick to the wall and some things may not,” Dilkens said. “But the point is we’re talking.”

Yup, lots of things will hit the fan for Big Daddy Dilkens, the father of our Amalgamation.


Windsor is still dependent on the car industry notwithstanding a decade of failure to try to diversify our economy. However, one wonders how involved the City was with respect to the industry after reading this comment by our new Mayor:

“The mayor said he would make it a priority to reach out to the auto companies — and did so on his first day of the job…

And for them, it was just refreshing, I think, to know the new mayor also is interested in their business and interested in making sure they’re successful right here in Windsor,” Dilkens said.” (CBC News December 16, 2014)

“Refreshing?” That is a strange term to use. “Interested in their business” is also bizarre to me. It suggests to me that they may have felt that the previous Administration was too busy trying to find new swim meets or not intimately involved with the Ford Plant.


I saw this on Facebook and you can decide from the photograph that popped up with respect to the Star story:


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