Top City Jobs Like Winning Lottery

Header-image-Maggio-2By Gabe Maggio, Jr

(WINDSOR, ON) – In a city where few investors are attracted to build, in a city where businesses are shuttering at alarming speeds, and in a city that boasts the highest unemployment rate in the country be rest assured that we have only the best at the top of our City’s administration, steering the ship in the right direction.

While you have lost your job or cannot find a job, while you are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and while you can barely pay your rising property taxes and utility rates again, be rest assured, that we have the highest-priced help money can buy, making the wisest decisions in all our best interests.

You ought to trust them.

This has all been going on over the last 10 years. So, while you have been waiting for this city’s economy to turn the corner, as promised, again be rest assured that those making all the decisions, to get the city back on course, have not at all experienced what you have endured.

The City of London is almost double the size of Windsor, and has about 100,000 more eligible voters, but our top city administrators are taking home more than their London counterparts.



Helga Reidel $256,832.13 Art Zuidema $233,189.78
Valerie Critchley $187,488.80 Cathy Sanders $144,804.00

As Windsor’s property taxes increased, many Windsorites fell deeper into debt. And as Windsorites lost their jobs, or couldn’t find one, those at the top of the City Hall food chain escaped the strain on their pay cheques.

After all, they have been doing their best and we shouldn’t have any concerns with Windsor being one of the only cities in Canada where its population has decreased over the last five years.

Note to Council: Population growth is a key component to economic growth.