Baubles Over Bread

By Howard Weeks

(WINDSOR, ON) – In a recent meeting, Windsor city council voted to spend $75,000 on an environmental study for a proposed multi-million dollar Riverside Drive underpass. While only 55% of the relatively small sample, who responded to an on line survey, were in favour of this, it was enough for council to move forward with preliminary studies.

This seems to be a pattern with past and present city councils and administrations.

Whenever they have a chance to spend millions of tax dollars on mega projects, like the aquatic center, the east end pool, the new museum, the new city hall, and now this Riverside Drive tunnel, they invariably go for it.

Imagine if they took those millions of dollars and used them for projects that directly benefit the people.

They could make sure that no man, woman, or child in Windsor goes hungry or homeless.

They could properly fund our social support networks and services.

They could do away with user fees for recreational facilities while fixing our ever deteriorating social housing stock.

They could institute Windsor-made child care and early childhood education programs.

They could provide training and education to upgrade skills and enhance job possibilities.

They could provide support and integration services for newcomers, as well as continue a proud Windsor tradition by relocating and sponsoring desperate Syrian refugees.

Just picture the resulting drop in crime, pan handling, domestic violence, and mental health issues.

Could we live without the over-budgeted aquatic center, the redundant east end swimming pool, the shiny new museum, the proposed underpass, the costly new city hall, and the multi-million dollar FINA swim meets?

I say yes.

Could all the citizens of Windsor live much better and happier lives if we used this money to directly support and meet their needs?

I’m sure I’m not alone as I answer again, a resounding YES!