CBC Campaigns Against Windsor Auditor General

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – Has the local outpost of the CBC started a possible media campaign to stop the appointment of an Auditor General for Windsor? It seems it did in a September 22 report about councillor Bill Marra wanting the city to hire the one person with the authority to really look into the city’s finances.

The AG is a person with unchallenged access and the ability to subpoena witnesses, something the current store-bought auditors cannot do.

But, apparently the CBC, using incredible misinformation, wants it known there have been three strikes against what it called the Auditor General and, it can be assumed, that game is over. It is, criticize some pundits, some of the worst sycophantic reporting in the last century; either that or a pretty long time.

The broadcaster also repeats the misspeak of ineffective councillor, and now interim mayor, Drew Dilkens, who paraded around during the last election saying the city already has an auditor general.

It does not.

It has some external auditors who are told what to do. They are not Auditors General.

Dilkens was challenged on this enough times, so why would the public broadcaster bring this up when it should have known Dilkens was wrong?

But, that is where it gets even odder.

Again apparently, the CBC had to make some very false accusations, if only to pretend it was proving its misinformation, which the pundits speculate, and they could be right, was to short circuit the attempt by some councillors to reinstate the AG.

With a possible straight face, it reported the, “… last city council decided to disband the city’s auditor general’s office after three failed attempts.”

When they were, and this is an allegation duly supported, unable to find facts to support its outlandish claim of “three failed attempts,” it decided to paint a false scenario.

The CBC claimed the city’s, “… first auditor general, Mike Dunbar, left, citing limited access to information … Angela Berry left, charging the city with harassment. That charge failed to be proved in court.”

Mysteriously, the broadcaster reported on October 1, 2009, that Dunbar was a former city auditor. On April 20, 2011, it reported about Angela Berry also being a city auditor.

On February 6, 2012, the CBC was quite factual with a then story about city auditing.

It mentioned, “… rather than create an auditor general’s position in 2004, the city hired a lead auditor, which didn’t work independent of staff and council. Mike Dunbar was the first but he quit in 2007 citing the inability to access information. The position was next filled by acting city auditor Angela Berry.”

The takeaway from this is the correct point about Dunbar and Berry not working independently of staff and council.

That is the one single virtue of a true Auditor General, because the person can sniff around where few others can go, and dig up the truth. Digging up the truth seems not to be on the CBC’s agenda.

It is assumed, and this is speculation, it is an agenda that has the CBC wanting no Auditor General to look into what the city is doing. Why else would it draft such an inaccurate report?

Citizens need to understand this subtle distinction when listening to its inaccurate reporting.

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