Ground Hog Day

schnurr-headerBy Chris Schnurr

(WINDSOR, ON) – I swear. This election is like watching Ground Hog Day, only instead of waking up to the same day, ad infinitum, we’re trapped in a theater with no exits watching Gigli. For the first time in my voting history, I hate to admit, I simply do not want to vote.

And from what I’m hearing in my personal circle of family and friends, I’m not alone given our so-called options.

On the one hand, we have the Conservative marketing campaign promising more of the last eight years of race-baiting, corruption, arrogance, and fear-mongering. In fact, the Windsor-Tecumseh Conservative candidate supports her party and leader so much, she wants us to vote for her and not the party.

And we’re somehow supposed to elect another Conservative government with this ringing endorsement?

On the other hand, we have the New Conservative Party NDP promising balanced budgets, token tax increases, and a shopping list of spending promises that make Santa Claus look like the Grinch.

A five year-old with a calculator can see through this fiction. But question this clap trap and the NDP partisan’s fire back that you hate seniors and five year-olds.

It’s always personal with the socialist progressive crowd.

In the mushy middle, we have the Liberals who condemned Bill C-51 yet voted for it, condemned the Conservatives for running up $150-billion in debt but promise to do the exact same thing expecting this time it will work … I promise.

Sure, and I’ll send my banking information to that nice gentleman from Nigeria who emails me regularly.

Gone is the leadership of yesteryear that built a great nation from the humble beginnings of a railway spike. Thoughtful discussion has been replaced with 10-second sound bites and warnings of a terrorist in every cupboard, over ensuring a chicken in every pot.

Intellectually honest debate has been replaced with three men kicking sand, claiming their member is the biggest and, somehow, we are to determine who is the most credible out of this lot of children (no disrespect intended to actual children).

And real discussion as to how to repair an electoral system that rewards this type of leadership is largely absent.

Big words like Proportional Representation or Mixed Member Proportional Representation are thrown around like candy, but what the hell do they mean? Crickets have more to say.

Now, there are ideas each party has that are quite good, but I am forced to swallow the bitter pills that accompany each.

I’m tired of voting for the lesser of three evils.

I’m tired of rewarding financial and social incompetence with my vote.

I’m tired of lending credibility to an electoral system that loses more with each passing election.

And, I’m tired of being asked to surrender my democratic choice to strategically vote against any given party.

I want change. Real change.

Not more of the same repackaged as such.

Someone. Anyone. Please!

Turn off the movie and let’s have a real and honest discussion worthy of what our nation was and could be.

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