A Transparent Opportunity

By Howard Weeks

(WINDSOR, ON) – By not even mentioning the term Auditor General in its recommendation and, instead, stating that, “… Administration BE DIRECTED … to extend its contract with Pricewaterhouse Coopers …” city administration is clearly drawing a line in the sand.

Their unwillingness to provide all the information, both pro and con, as they were asked to do, indicates they may not welcome independent scrutiny. There is no mention of the proven benefits of an AG, let alone the potential monetary savings.

There is, instead, just 24 pages of con.

An organization that is confident in its integrity and abilities should welcome an opportunity to display them. If administration feels it’s integrity is being questioned, this is its chance to stick it to its critics.

By not seizing this opportunity, it only opens the door to more suspicion.

When they vote on the creation of an Auditor General, the mayor and councilors should consider only this: taxpayers have the democratic right to know, without a doubt, how their money is being spent.

Voting in favour of an independent AG would simply be affirming this right. Taxpayers have the right to transparency just as surely as they have the right to vote in the next election.

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