Dilkens Economically Challenged

Header-image-Shalapata-2By Ian Shalapata

(WINDSOR, ON) – After Canadians overwhelmingly rejected the politics of division in the federal election, Windsor’s mayor, Drew Dilkens, is now attempting the very tactics that had Canada showing Stephen Harper the door.

Drew Dilkens listening to tax payers.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Drew Dilkens listening to tax payers.
Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Dilkens doesn’t like that some councilors voted against hiring a sports tourism promoter. He also takes issue with some councilors questioning the ever increasing expenditures earmarked for the 2016 FINA short swim meet.

With less funding from higher levels of government, the price tag, currently, for the event is over $21 million with a generous, and unfounded, estimated return on investment of just $19 million.

If Dilkens thinks that spending $21 million to earn $19 million is a good deal, then he is duller than first thought. Yet, he spins out of control, much like his administration’s spending, when councilors call for a money-for-value audit of the FINA event.

“I hear what you’re saying. You don’t like the event but let it happen,” Dilkens told local media. ”Don’t try to handicap the event and be negative about your community when you’re bringing guests from around the world. You’re talking about auditing an event that hasn’t even happened.”

With this statement, Dilkens has proven that he fails to understand the true job function and the worth of an Auditor General. In reality, unlike in Windsor, an AG can pre-audit a business plan to raise concerns or to give approval.  An audit can help to save tax dollars and, in many municipalities, an AG has prevented the wasteful spending of millions in public funds.

The interim mayor suggests letting the event take place and then to ask for an audit after the fact. This is a disingenuous proposal. Let’s roll the dice and see what happens. Dilkens is saying, “We’re going to risk $21 million of tax payer dollars and hope the return is good.”

Terming councilors’ concerns as “whining” Dilkens says an audit won’t prevent the FINA event from happening. Possibly not, but when the details surrounding the last municipal election are made public, that could kill the event and much more.

It is time that more councilors stood up, spoke up, and ended the insanity at City Hall. Councilors should demand better for the citizens of Windsor, as they were elected to do.

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