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Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – As remarkable as it sounds, a columnist at the local paper does not have a clue about what is happening in Windsor. On November 13, no less, Anne Jarvis went on a non-insightful rant about how the city treats the local international film festival.

It is, of course, a bright light, in the city on which common sense turns it back. It brings people downtown and gives them something to do. It is largely ignored and, in fact, is probably held back by the self-indulgent, inward Francis Council.

For over a decade, the city has suffered from the grand illusions of the Council’s leader, Eddie Francis, who allegedly considered himself somewhat of a global entity. Jarvis, herself, has been one of his greatest fans.

Now, despite him finally stepping down last year, years too late, the remnants of his council, aided by two new recruits and led by ineffective councillor and interim mayor Drew Dilkens, carries on with a campaign to make Windsor a despotic backwater that pretends it is the apple of the world’s eye.

Jarvis surely knows the Francis Council has only one modus operandi, and that is to squeeze as much money out of hard-pressed taxpayers to fund its ego massaging extravagances, which are arguably largely unknown in the free world.

Taxpayer needs are rarely if ever considered.

Jarvis blindly argues, the secret to making the city better is to resurrect downtown. Does she not know it has already been resurrected, innumerable times, by Francis? Each resurrection has failed, as evidenced by its boarded up storefronts

She misses the obvious point. The Council couldn’t care less about the downtown and has sat and watched its deterioration. At times, it has actually helped to grease the skids of its downfall.

Dilkens, himself, wants to turn some of the storefronts in the city’s Pelissier parking garage into more parking, to lessen the area’s ambiance. It is a significant clue as to what this Council is up to.

Is it not ironic that Jarvis is scribbling about a film festival when the Council sat back and allowed the removal of a key amenity, a motion picture theatre, from the core?

It then helped to finance the costs of a large outdoor sign for her paper while pretending it was creating a Times Square in Windsor, to rival the one in New York.

Did Jarvis keep a straight face when that pretence was launched? In her mind, Windsor doesn’t, “… need to chase expensive events to get on the map.”

How long did it take her to figure out this piece of easy arithmetic?

Is she starting to realize that the Francis Council is self-absorbed with its own greatness, and has no truck with the industrious volunteers who are putting the city on the map with a successful film festival?

It is run by people who spend countless hours of time to get it done without costing the city $21 million, like next year’s short swimming competition, that Dilkens probably believes will earn him international mayoral status.

The only flaw is, after the event, Dilkens will remain as anonymous as he is today.

The world is hardly impressed by a someone like him, who apparently thinks global glory should be his simply by him draining the public purse to squander money on frivolities. He is nothing but a sucker than any kind of civic superstar.

As is usual, Dilkens can be relied upon for a barbed comment. According to Jarvis, when the festival organizers asked Council to drop the surcharge it pays the city, Dilkens was indignant, scolding them with it could be a, “… a slippery slope.”

Is spending $21 million feeding, housing, and supplying a temporary pool to a vagrant group of FINA swimmers looking for handouts, and getting nothing in return, not a slippery slope?

Why is Dilkens even supporting, at such cost, an organization swimvortex.com reckons has, “… $100m – FINA net assets in the bank, according to FINA Bureau members with access to the figures.”

Surely FINA has enough cash to support itself and doesn’t need to milk Windsor taxpayers dry. If the outfit wanted to come to Windsor at its expense, that would be wonderful. Why doesn’t that situation get Jarvis riled up?

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