It Is Easy To Generalize

By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Canadian hearts are heavy for the increase in recent world attacks in the last few days. Some feel this is a difficult time to raise children. The newsfeed of social media is filled with concern for humanity. Some are asking how they should answer their children’s questions regarding all the violence going on.


  • In the month of April this year, early in the morning, Christians and Muslims were targeted by armed terrorists, who stormed Kenya University. The attack killed 147 human beings, wounding many.
  • The terrorists took hostages and kept them for 15-hours until four militants were killed by security forces.
  • Christians and Islamic converts appeared to be the targets. Terrorists stormed the Garissa campus, which is very close to the Somali border. The Somali-based Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack. They are an al-Qaeda-linked organization.
  • Kenya is at a heightened alert and is taking the Paris attacks as a warning sign for themselves.


  • On Thursday, loud blasts were heard minutes apart in Lebanon, where terror struck in a busy shopping area. Forty-seven lives were lost and more than 200 people were seriously wounded.
  • The army reported that two men wearing suicide vests carried out the attack.
  • The first bomber detonated his explosives outside a Shia mosque. The second blew himself up inside a nearby bakery. The body of the third bomber, who did not detonate his explosives, was found at the scene of the second blast.

During tough times such as these, it is very easy to find ourselves generalizing all persons representing the ethnicity of those who committed such crimes. However, we must realize that, to generalize, to make a general statement, or form a general opinion, would be wrong.

The extremists are the ones to blame.

As Canadians, encouraging all of our brothers and sisters, as a whole, is the best way to promote love and peaceful living in our communities. Canada is a melting pot of many beautiful ethnicities, many who share our same need for love and peaceful living.

This is still the time to celebrate our differences, learn from one another so we may gain a healthy respect for the cultures of each other. Canadian households raising children, this is the time to teach love, basic love, for all mankind.