The Battle Against The War On Christmas

By Matt Recker

(WHEATLEY, ON) – The weather is getting colder, the leaves are turning, and festive decorations are appearing in stores. It’s that time of year again; time for war.

The so-called War on Christmas comes around every year when we’re told by the media that Christians are upset that Christmas is being taken out of American culture.

Bill O’Reilly comes out of his cave and claims the war is real, and he’s winning it. His FOX news counterparts claim that Christianity is being outlawed and soon we won’t be allowed to say Merry Christmas in church. And, every news website insists that the biggest holiday of the year is in peril.

The real question is, “Is anybody really offended?”

This year’s festivities started with Starbucks. If you’ve been following the news this week you’ve no doubt heard about the coffee brand’s new cup design. Apparently, plain red sends Americans into a frenzy like the bull from the Bugs Bunny cartoons, or so we’re told to believe.

One of the first to play their outrage card was YouTube vlogger Josh Feuerstein, a conservative Christian who makes intentionally inflammatory videos in order to anger liberals and rake in those sweet, sweet YouTube views.

If you’ve seen his videos before, you’ll know that Feurstein will take anything from coffee cups to Obama’s haircut and spin it so that it’s a threat to his God, his country, or his guns. He’s a provocateur.

He lives to stir up controversy because it’s made him a lot of money on the internet. Outrage is, literally, his business.

And one person is all the media needs to start it’s war coverage.

Within days of Feuerstein’s video, everyone from CNN to CTV Windsor was reporting on people who are enraged by the Starbucks cup design. Forget the fact that basically nobody is actually upset, you can’t get ratings from calm, rational behaviour.

Getting people whipped into a frenzy against an invisible enemy is big business in the media. The more news outlets tell people that, “liberals and Muslims are trying to take Christmas away,” however untrue, makes them more likely to click on more articles, tune in longer, and engage others in comment sections.

Never mind the fact that every time America declares war on abstract concepts they inevitably lose. The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on obesity.

While America may be good at winning real wars with real people, when they declare it on ideas the battle rages on and on with no end. Despite conservative news powerhouse Bill O’Reilly’s claims that he personally won the War on Christmas years ago, apparently the fighting has started once again.

Do you know anyone who is actually offended by Starbucks cups? Do you know anyone who has been reprimanded at work for saying Merry Christmas?

The fact is that 80% of Americans celebrate Christmas and the retail industry rakes in over $6 billion in November and December. If you go to your local Wal-Mart you’ll find 800 Santas before you find one menorah.

Nobody is attacking Christmas. It’s not going away. Please, don’t feed into the hype.

A healthy dose of scepticism is essential in the day of click-bait journalism. Celebrate whatever you want, with whomever you want, and don’t let the media tell you you’re a soldier in a fantasy war.

3 Comments on "The Battle Against The War On Christmas"

  1. The issue is people that come to this country and try to change our belief in something that we celebrated as children. I think that everyone that feels strongly against people that are trying to change our way of life should boycott Starbucks and see how they like loosing sales. I respect everyone’s right to their religion so leave our beliefs and religion alone,that we will celebrate what we believe in and if it is offence don’t look or go back to your own country.

    • Nobody is trying to change what people believe in. People that celebrate Ramadan or Hanukkah or anything else don’t want to stop other people from celebrating Christmas. You’re afraid over nothing. Nobody wants to stop you from celebrating your holiday of choice. I have no idea where this fear comes from but it’s ludicrous.

  2. I hear you Matt. These people who cry about these Christmas issues seem as about as un-Christian as anybody could be. A lot of these same people applauded everything George W did including his ordering the outright invasion of a sovereign nation. Two actually (Iraq and Afghanistan). Perhaps millions have died and millions more fleeing for their lives but these conservative clowns cheerleaded the shameful spectacle. Sure sounds Jesus like to me!? And Christmas used to be a December kind of ritual for years but now starts after Hallowe’en pretty much. There are Christmas products on the shelves at some stores year round. Christmas music on the radio in October!!!! And I have never ever felt that I or anyone was restricted in any way about saying or hearing “Merry Christmas”. And now claiming that America is a “Christian Nation” even though nowhere in their Constitution is that even remotely stated. These paid hacks like O’reilly are scary and should be ashamed of themselves……..but you know they aren’t.

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