Wi-Fi Not In Windsor’s Budget

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – On the list of people who don’t understand about life in a despotic duchy, a new name must be added. Mike Brogan is the new name. He wrote to the editor of the local paper on November 10 to sound an alarm, of sorts, saying the city should be offering free Wi-Fi to the city’s disadvantaged youth.

In his estimation, the children of the city’s working poor do not have the means to pay for at home Wi-Fi; particularly those in the inner city. In fact, bemoans Brogan, they, “… can’t afford heat or hydro bills.”

If the city made Wi-Fi available, he believes, within a decade these same children will be able to do their homework on a computer. It will help them, “… learn to read and find jobs online.”

If nothing else, Brogan predicts this tiny bit of help could reap considerable rewards by pulling, “… central Windsor a lot closer to the suburbs in terms of academic and economic equality.”

Clearly, Brogan is misguided in what appears to be a reasonable effort to get something back from the taxes even the most disadvantaged pay. But, it will never happen, so he should just resolve that Windsor will never do anything for the great unwashed.

They can sit and stew in their own stupor as far as the inwards on the city’s council are concerned; at least the remnants of the Francis Council with its two new shiny recruits.

While Brogan doesn’t get it, story poster Dave Couvillion, like many in the city, certainly does.

Although he compliments Brogan on a nice idea, he then sets to scolding him for not accepting the city has, “… sports czars to pay, swim meets to pay for including a temporary pool, their meals and lodging. Then we get to spend more on street hockey folks to come here.”

He sums up by saying, quality of life is not for, “… Windsorites, surely not in our lifetime.”

He’s right.

There is not one thing the Francis Council will do for the great unwashed. It is a tradition commenced in 2003, so why would it change now?

It is the Council’s mission to build the country’s most compassion-free community and it seems to be working. When he is not reducing democracy in the city, its leader parades around, sometimes with a person in a fish outfit, chastising those councillors who do not toe his party’s line.

To him, their right to free speech makes them whiners and they are not welcome in the world-city Windsor.

Those who pay for all the frivolities of the Francis Council need, and deserve, to be ignored or played with. A good example was how nicely the Council took care of the poor who arrived at city hall to see if anything could be done about the high financial penalties levied on those who are late with a tax payment.

They were told to go away and draft a solution. Being courteous, but mostly naïve, they did. But, when they enthusiastically returned, their ideas were unceremoniously and summarily dismissed, as is done in a duchy.

Taxpayers must understand that living under a despotic ruler, like ineffective councillor and now interim mayor Drew Dilkens, means they must do as they are told and pay their taxes.

Dilkens needs their money. Right now, that includes about $80 million, all in, for his new Taj Ma City Hall. It will be a glorious palace, just wait and see. He also needs $21 million, at last count, to pay for those swimmers Couvillion talked about.

Sure $21 million is a lot of money, and would probably provide Wi-Fi for decades to come, but what would that prove?

It could set a dangerous precedent creating the false impression Windsor is a city that cares. That will never happen under the flighty Dilkens and his band of world hosts.

Brogan must understand there is too much at stake. Windsor must prove to the world it is better than all the other small provincial cities and it should not matter how much it costs taxpayers.

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  1. Poets, priests and politicians
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