Special Interests Motivate Dilkens

By Tim Stewart

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor’s mayor, Drew Dilkens, is proving to be a crass, agenda-driven, bully. After walking in lock-step with his predecessor, Eddie Francis, for so many years, it is no surprise that he feels he can publicly demean and belittle our duly elected representatives, when they disagree with him. Francis did it for a decade with limited resistance from council.

It’s been much too long since decorum and respect have been part of our city council proceedings.

Drew Dilkens listening to tax payers.Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Drew Dilkens listening to tax payers.
Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Mr Dilkens, when you insult our representatives, you insult the citizens. You were not elected to intimidate and insult your constituents, whether they agree with you or not. If this is your idea of team building or gaining consensus, a return to the drawing board is in order.

Recently, Dilkens told some councillors to, “… get on the train, stop whining.” Maybe they aren’t boarding the “train” because they see the inevitable wreck about to happen.

Councillors are clearly intelligent people who refuse to accept unsubstantiated numbers, when being asked to commit tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. They understand that, after many years of pouring taxpayer dollars into sports tourism, with questionable return on investment, it’s time to ask the tough questions.

These recent conversations prove Mr Dilkens needs to better educate himself on some matters.

Yes, Mr Dilkens, an auditor can, and often should, audit some proposals before they happen. Doing so afterwards amounts to shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped.

Suggesting that the councillors should wait until after the swimming events happen to request an audit is either disingenuous or ignorant.

I hear veiled allegations that some councillors are pandering to so-called special interest groups because they oppose our mayor and his like-minded colleagues.  If FINA isn’t a special interest group, what is?

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Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart is a regular contributor to Square Media Group. He is a resident and tax payer in Windsor, where he lives with his family. Email Tim Stewart

3 Comments on "Special Interests Motivate Dilkens"

  1. The city is in very bad shape, and people just seem not to care of who is running this city, if they did Drew Dilkens would never have been elected mayor. All the projects that Dilkens and some of the councillors vote in favour of are costing the taxpayers millions of dollars per year to operate. The waste that Eddie has cost the taxpayers and now Dilkens costing us taxpayers is unbelievable. The city councillors need to stand up and work for the taxpayers that voted for them and stop the FINA games, we the taxpayers can’t afford a $21 million dollar bill. The city desperately needs an auditor general to keep our mayor and city council in line.

  2. Tim we are in so much trouble & the public has no idea because they don’t know or want yo know Day in & day out I listen & talk to people & they don’t have a clue & others don’t care because it’s not affecting their little corner of the world. Some of the councillors are right. They see a light at the end of the tunnel but it is a freight train.

  3. Sheila M. Street | 24 November 2015 at 17:27 |

    LIKE!!! Glad someone else (many, perhaps) are starting to voice some concerns regarding this despotic non-leader. I just can’t understand why Windsorites keep electing this type of person. Hoping to see more like this, as we really need to start opening some eyes around here.

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