Making A Mountain Out Of A Pothole

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – Phil Anderson’s comments were basically innocuous until one pundit figured out his reality. He wrote to the local paper’s editor, on November 18, claiming to be, “… very pissed off right now.”

Largely, and rightly so, he was upset about the potholes on the road to the parking area at Malden Park, something The Square checked and confirmed. Anderson actually admits to contacting the city and has been, “… told over and over by city officials that it’ll be taken care of soon but nobody in the city lifts a finger for well over 10 years?”

The mention of ten years is the clue identifying his reality.

Anderson has failed to cotton on to the fact the Francis Council has been running the city into the ground for a decade and, no, things will not get better. How could they?

Taxpayer money that could be used to fix up the park just isn’t there. Instead, reams of taxpayer dollars are flying out of city hall with great abandon to pay for frivolities that will, allegedly, bring world acclaim to provincial Windsor.

Instead of nit picking, Anderson should be proud of the costly effort of his glory seeking Council to put Windsor on the world stage.

And, really, when was the last time anyone from the world wanted to wander over to a place that was once a garbage dump?

Someone should give Anderson a shake. Does he not know next year he’ll be basking in the glory of some swimmers, largely unknown, hungry, and in need of warm sleeping accommodation, chowing through some $21 million in return for, well, nothing but a bare bank account and no money for Malden?

Anderson calculates Malden is, “… one of the real jewels of Windsor’s parks system, offering a plethora of things for everyone, along with a well-kept natural area, biking, walking, running, pathways and clubhouse open to rentals for showers, family gatherings, etc.”

So far, and maybe he should be thanking his lucky stars, the Francis Council has yet to start removing the park’s fabled amenities, like it is doing to so many other neighbourhood parks.

If that same rot hits Malden, all that will be left is the pothole-marked entranceway. Granted, in the end, it might catch on as a novelty. Taxpayers could challenge the potholes to see who comes out better; the holes or their car suspensions.

Anderson can be forgiven for his unblemished idealism. It harkens back to the days government was by the people for the people, and not for the glory of the Francis Council. By abdicating what it should be doing, it has put Windsor in a bad way.

Its food banks are suffering from lack of food. One even closed because its shelves were empty. This, in a city with the nation’s highest unemployment, yet it tolerates a neophyte running economic development.

Despite this, true to its character, the Council shows no compassion to taxpaying plebeians, preferring to spend its time and their money on multi-million dollar frivolities, like the FINA short swimming event, a not-needed new city hall, underpasses under Riverside Drive, and useless fake ice for Charles Clark Square.

Does Anderson not know these will make Windsor great?

If not, he needs to be re-educated. He must understand the Council only deals with big things and the quality of life of its residents is not on its list. And, why should it be? When it would rather cater to strangers and freeloaders?

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2 Comments on "Making A Mountain Out Of A Pothole"

  1. Robert an excellent article we can always count on the Windsor Square to get the facts not fiction as we get from the Windsor Star.
    Linda I agree with your statement that this city has been running down hill for a decade with no clear view of things getting better. We the taxpayers must put pressure on our city councillors to do the right thing for the taxpayers that elected them to city council. We know that an Auditor General is needed in this city to point out the costs that ineffective Dilkens is costing the taxpayers of Windsor.

  2. Thank you Robert for continuing to write about the countless issues we are facing as residents of Windsor. Since the reign of Eddie Francis and now Drew Dilkens, along with the past and current council, Windsor has “gone down the toilet”. I have lived in Windsor my entire life and I have never seen our community in such poor condition. The aquatic centre is nothing but a money pit; do we really need a new city hall to house an administration that continues to mis-spend our tax dollars? What we really need is common sense municipal government that is able to prioritize its goals and objectives for the common good of this community and its residents.

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