FINA Numbers Wild Propaganda

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – It seems to be turning out Windsor is a city of whiners when it comes to the actions of its glory seeking mayor. Evidence of this became apparent on December 9, the same day the sycophants at the local paper took to praising ineffective councillor, and now interim mayor, Drew Dilkens for hosting some swimmers, for a minor FINA swimming competition next year.

The report, which seemed to bubble over with pretence, made a number of claims that whiners had the temerity to question.

Dilkens told the paper the FINA short swimming event is nothing if not, “… a very large, world-class event that will be broadcast literally to billions of people around the globe. You’ll have the world’s best swimmers here, competing in a temporary pool that people know to be an ice surface. It will change the look of that arena.”

Dilkens, as can be expected, downplayed the fact that it has to be held in the arena because he failed miserably with his downtown pool. It is simply too small to accommodate even a short competition.

He also did not explain how so many people will be watching when, during the same week, USA Swimming will stage the 2016 Speedo Winter Junior Championships. It is so big it takes two venues and will be held from December 7 to 10 in College Station, TX, and in Columbus, OH.

Swimming World describes it as prestigious and, “… a chance for the up-and-coming age groupers, and even possible future Olympians to shine.”

Swimming World did not offer an estimate of how many billions of viewers will be watching. However, the Dilkens claim of billions watching his costly taxpayer supported event had poster Rob Shepley whining about it being, “… hilarious. The Superbowl was viewed by 114.4 million people. City officials think that a swimming competition will bring in 10x more viewers than the Superbowl?”

There were also posters who doubted, “… Canadian government estimates the country and province will benefit from a $9.3-million economic spinoff as a result of the FINA world short-track championships and that Windsor will see $16.7 million in economic spinoff.”

It is a lot of money being exchanged. A little beyond reality, if one listens to poster Rick Woods. He reasons it would mean, “… each athlete would have to spend [on] average $54,000 each even if there were 2000 people they would have to spend over $13,000 each … highly unlikely.”

He expects the follow-up, “… on the economic impact after this event, even with them fudging the numbers will be dismal.”

Taxpayers should not really be all that upset with Dilkens. He is well-known for allegedly saying whatever comes to the top of his head. Because of this, there are some in the city hoping and wishing mayor-in-waiting Freddie Francis will be happily ensconced in office before the FINA competition begins.

They fret, some deep into the night, that Dilkens will say something that will bring disgrace to the city. It is not an idle fear by a long shot. It is turning out Dilkens is a one man bad publicity machine for the city.

His latest embarrassment has earned him the discredit of being known at Queen’s Park for shooting off his mouth.

As the public broadcaster, CBC, reported December 9, comments from Dilkens at a celebration of the city’s French roots, a week earlier, caused the ire of the province’s attorney general. She found his comments upsetting.

Dilkens, as high school teacher Jean Sauve explained, was seemingly putting French “aside.”

He told the broadcaster that Dilkens, “… responsible for such a great city he should understand the past, history and heritage and the place of the language and culture in the city.”

Hopefully, hope some, Francis will have the mayor’s chain of office and can do the city proud in front of those alleged billions of swimming event watchers. If not, the city might see its $21 million wasted by another thoughtless comment by Dilkens.

It is possible, given what he did to devout Catholics.

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  1. Part of Dilkens statement is correct the FINA short swimming event is nothing, that’s were his statement should have ended.
    Bob is correct that the weight of the water on that concrete could cause some severe structural damage. The question to ask, was this application for adding the weight of water ran by the city’s engineering department, or did an outside engineering firm approve that the structure would not receive any damage.

  2. With regards with the pool on a concrete suspended floor figure the weight of just the water on that floor without the pool. I have & it’s a staggering amount, without the pool!! Hope the floor is still in one piece when they remove the pool.

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