Council Is Not For Windsor

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – After living almost a year with the junior version of a despotic mayor, there are some in the city who ceremoniously, as in moaning, find fault with the actions of ineffective councillor, and now interim mayor, Drew Dilkens. They just do not understand that being mayor of Windsor is not about doing things for Windsor. It is all about doing things for the mayor.

This became patently clear when reading the comments of frustrated posters to a report, in the local paper December 23, about the hardly credible 2016 budget approval meeting.

Beverley Vansickle Holmes found it just disgusting that our mayor would, “… rather fund a stupid race in Detroit rather than take care of WIFF, The Farmers Market, The Accelerator, Windsor Housing.”

Todd Gervais probably didn’t realize how accurately he hit the nail on the head when he opined, quite remarkably and correctly, about the Francis Council seeming to, “… care more about Tecumseh, Detroit, LaSalle and Oldcastle then they do about Windsor!”

Gervais seems to have missed the evident trend that has marked just about everything the council does, particularly when it was headed by the all glitz and failed mayor Eddie Francis.

Francis, of course, as was his particular and costly wont, went against the grain of progressive cities, like Detroit, and built a new arena so far in the east end that some call it the Tecumseh ice palace. Gervais also threw out a question that is on the lips of many a pundit.

He wondered, in print, why the council doesn’t, “… care about Windsor and the people who live in it?”

Of course, the Francis Council cares a lot about Windsor. But when its care is distilled, it becomes quite obvious it is restricted to its understanding of which side of its bread gets buttered, and where the butter comes from.

It comes right from the tattered, usually empty, wallets of the denizens of the once great city. And for supplying the butter, these good natured folks continually get the shaft from the Francis Council.

What many in the city seem to be missing is the importance to Windsor of having its mayor be a big shot sponsor at the Detroit Grand Prix.

No doubt, billions will be watching the event and Windsor will score big, like it scored with Red Bull, which is expected to have millions of tourists flooding the area, possibly soon.

And, as a follow-on, there will be billions watching the Dilkens short swimming event at the arena. This will certainly jog the memory of those reluctant television watchers who have yet to relocate from their comfy couches onto airline seats heading for world city Windsor.

Already, things are looking so good at the airport, Dilkens is now talking expansion, in five years. This, smile some pundits, would be at approximately the time the Canadian dollar comes out of its doldrums and equals America’s greenback, causing US citizens to become less interested in driving over the Detroit River to save bucks which can no longer be saved.

And, of course, much of all the new traffic at the airport has been generated by the prodigious spending of Dilkens on out-of-town consultants for his short competition. Possibly a good deal of the reported 6% uptick in passenger traffic is city-funded and nothing to do with the market.

The posters need to think ahead and predict how happy they will be when Dilkens starts getting lauded with the same swimming awards now apparently reserved for Qatar’s despotic sheiks. They will probably be so impressed they will call all their friends down to city hall to pick up Dilkens, toss him over their shoulders, and parade him down Ouellette, to allow citizens to throw their loonies at him in great abundance and pride.

At least, it will be loonies, right?

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2 Comments on "Council Is Not For Windsor"

  1. Robert another great article, the ineffective mayor Dilkens has to big of an EGO to care about Windsor, he gets that from our past mayor fast Eddie. We have a city council that needs to stand up to ineffective Dilkens, but I have not seen that happening yet. Hopefully the next city election we should vote everyone out of office and start fresh with city councillors that care about Windsor.

  2. Dee Sweet | 4 January 2016 at 12:17 |

    I don’t agree with everything, but I do agree with most of what is said by the author of this piece and the posters to whom he refers. However, what we lack is a leader, someone who wants local change and can motivate the citizens. We must stop complaining and pointing out problems unless we can provide solutions. No matter who is Mayor or who is sitting on council, communication between ‘us’ and ‘them’ MUST be improved.

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