Windsor Loses With Colucci In Charge

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – It was almost amusing to see the local paper trying to bump up the qualifications of newly appointed top administrator Onorio Colucci. The paper made the bold claim he worked at an accounting firm, “… for a few years before starting with the city, after earning his chartered accountancy degree.”

Of course, there is no such thing as a chartered accountancy degree.

It is known across the country as an accountancy designation. At one time, there were a number of such designations with Chartered Accountants, as the Globe and Mail reported June 23, 2014, “… working as external auditors.”

Other accountants, known as Certified Management Accountants, “… were more often in-house corporate accountants who focused on internal strategy.”

On the surface, it would seem the city might have been better off to seek a CMA rather than a CA. The situation seems to have similarities to the situation at Windsor transit.

After appointing a bus driver to run the place, city information boasted he was a coach operator.

As is usual, the city has again hired someone to do an important job with no demonstrable training or skills in public administration. No doubt, the city can brag it saved a lot of money by not doing a proper candidate search.

But was it false economy?

Is it really appropriate to hire abecedarians and have them learn on the job? Even Colucci admitted he is without the requisite skills to do the job and, as the paper reported, “… will face a steep learning curve, but promised to do what it takes to get up to speed soon.”

The fact he is without an appropriate skills foundation, to take on the assignment, was not missed by Robert Walker.

In a post to the paper’s story, he opined about high paying city jobs being, “… passed along like trading cards amongst the one per centers here in town.”

Gladly trading up, and making way for the next under qualified person. Just like the new head of this economic development deal just outwardly stating he’s got “no qualifications for the job.”

Would it not have been better for the city to set the bar to an appropriate level and take some time to find a person fully competent at public administration with a wide range of the usual credentials?

Mind you, the person Colucci is replacing, Helga Reidel, was equally void of any real public administration practical experience.

She has been sidelined to EnWin to be its boss and, in theory, will now report to Colucci. It, too, was an odd appointment.

Despite a hundred people applying for the EnWin position, Reidel was the best candidate. Yet she has no known public utility competence.

Pretence reigns supreme at Bell Media’s local CTV outlet. True to character, ineffective councillor, and now interim mayor, Drew Dilkens held a meeting on January 4 with only one item on the agenda. When Dilkens ran council’s standing committee on economic development into the ground, he often had meetings with no agenda, that lasted three minutes, or which he did not bother to attend.

Somehow, a meeting with such a light schedule was praised by CTV’s local anchorman on its late night news. He added an editorial comment, reserved mostly for small market journalists, by saying the council meeting was a, “… very busy one …” and a “… productive night.”

Was he somehow saying that council abandoning the police department’s safety concerns about Ottawa Street was productive?

With little to do, the irresponsible council stayed true to its irresponsible style and rejected a recommendation from the police to brighten the lighting on the commercial section of the street.

Merchants there have reportedly complained about newly installed light emitting diode lamps being too dull. The situation, reported the CBC, “… is already a safety issue …” for pedestrians. However, in a city in which its despotic mayor is out to remove any creature comforts enjoyed by ratepayers, it was no surprise the street will not get better lighting.

It is the council’s job to uphold its tradition of doing nothing for taxpayers. It can be forgiven. It is too busy with its plans to spend at least $21 million to lavish on FINA hangers-on for a minor swim met in December.

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  1. The mayor wanted a yes man and that is why Colucci received the job, not on qualifications, that’s not how Windsor does its hiring. We all thought with some new councillors voted in the city, things would changed we were wrong. We must also remember that Colucci was always against freezing property taxes, this should prove interesting over the next few years.

  2. Marny beale | 5 January 2016 at 17:59 |

    It is refreshing to hear you hold the perpetually cheerful CTV Anchor to some meager level of responsible journalism. The Council meeting was a joke. It was hardly worth the time to call this group together for such a waste of taxpayers dollars. The only saving grace was the anticipated comedic input from the ever entertaining bombastic Borelli.

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