Magalas Already Behind The 8-Ball

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

There was ineffective interim mayor Drew Dilkens as usual, January 18, showing off that he knows something we don’t; just like a little kid with a secret. This has become a rather irritating trait for a grown man, who should be showing leadership but, apparently, desperately needs to display his self-importance.

This time, as the CBC reported, he was dropping hints that he, and he alone, knew who the city’s new sports guru was going will be. The person, who couldn’t be revealed, he said, “… has a lot of connections in the City of Windsor [and] has been here a lot of times in the course of her work.”

Dilkens seems to be trying to come off as one of the city’s most inauthentic mayors. One of his favourite pastimes seems to be his recurring boasts, all false, of new factories coming to town able to produce countless, usually around a 100, new, high-paying or lesser jobs.

It is simply his way to put the unemployed down; something he seems to enjoy, as evidenced by his earlier putting down of devout Catholics.

Just about everything he does is self-centered and for show. The whole idea of hiring a sports guru is subterfuge of the highest order and, most likely, a ruse to find a person to blame because no more swimming events are coming to the downtown white elephant natatorium.

Hopefully, when Samantha Magalas finds out the sports tourism role is not as advertised, and one of scapegoat, she will have second thoughts. What is even more of a concern is the fact his irresponsible council has no interest in bringing their despotic mayor down to earth.

The city is moving forward, seeking more swimming events. City chief administrator officer, Helga Reidel, has given the Recreation and Culture Department full approval to chase a few Swimming Canada National Events, “… in the years 2017 – 2020 for which the City has the required facilities, namely: Speedo Eastern Canadian Open, Canadian Swimming Championships and the Para-swimming CAN/AM Championships.”

As is usual, no information is given as to why Riedel is focusing on these events. It is odd she is not trying to persuade some of the organizers of events already held in Windsor to reconsider the city, like the synchronized swimmers.

Is she admitting that, despite their gushing about how great Windsor’s pool is, they are now happily ensconced at what has been described as the nation’s greatest pool, the Pan Am Games one in Scarborough?

Sadly, the hiring of Magalas is the easy thing for a mayor lacking innovative thinking. It is also putting the cart before the horse and could set up his dream candidate to fail.

Windsor is considerably short when it comes to being a place to host sporting events. This was clearly evident with its recent hosting of the scaled-down Ontario Summer Games. It was reduced in scope because the city does not have enough of the proper sporting facilities.

Even its new natatorium has problems.

It is not suitable for a minor event like the FINA shorts, scheduled for later this year. It will be held in the east end arena with a temporary pool.

Another problem is the city keeps losing hotel rooms.

It has lost a major downtown hotel, the Radisson, a mid-city one, the Royal Marquis, and now even its motel inventory is shrinking. The ABC Motel was just demolished.

If Dilkens was truly effective he’d be building the city, not watching it decline. But, alas, like his predecessor, he has stars and glitz in his eyes. Just like a child.

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  1. What is shocking is our city councillors know that we have a job crisis in Windsor and they are standing idle and doing nothing to put a hold on our ineffective mayor Dilkens. These swim meets are not going to create jobs in our city, maybe short term concession jobs but that is it. Unfortunately ineffective Dilkens is following in his teachers foot steps ( fast Eddie ) and we the taxpayers are paying the price. Just think if we could use the money spent on these foolish swim meets and gave tax credits to new business coming to Windsor how fast our 10% unemployment would drop.

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