Close To The Maddening Crowd

By Tim Stewart

(WINDSOR, ON) – In her February 12, Windsor Star column, Anne Jarvis accurately portrays the increasing incompetence and ineptitude of our current municipal leadership. Drew Dilkens and some of our city councillors clearly have little patience for the common citizens of Windsor, who might dare oppose their agenda or challenge their direction.

Campaign promises about openness and transparency be damned, now that they are elected.

This has been the abhorrent, bullying style of Windsor leadership for most of a decade now. Genuine interest in true consensus building remains entirely absent.

Dilkens and several members of the current council have lost all ability to admit mistakes.

Most troublesome is that obvious mistakes are piling up at an exponential rate. Every mistake adds another expensive burden on the citizens of this community.

We have spent a decade watching our leadership travel the globe chasing rainbows and pots of gold while we listen to foolish rhetoric about unsustainable zero percent tax increases. The politicians spin yarns about protecting taxpayers while ignoring that they represent a number of vulnerable people in this community who don’t directly pay property taxes.

The priorities are about glitz, glamour, and self-serving resume-building, as opposed to any honest attempt at the heavy lifting required to build a thriving municipality.

Day after day, for too long now, the citizens of Windsor are taken for fools. We witness our crumbling infrastructure and gutted out core while being told that there has been no significant loss of services.

We witness harmful partisan politics coming into play at the municipal level.

The City refuses to provide minimal funding to proven successful local entities, instead spending tens of thousands at events located in another country. The absurdity of it all is maddening to an ever growing number of Windsor citizens.

Mr Dilkens and city council, please stop the madness.

About the Author

Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart is a regular contributor to Square Media Group. He is a resident and tax payer in Windsor, where he lives with his family. Email Tim Stewart

4 Comments on "Close To The Maddening Crowd"

  1. Unfortunately the Windsor taxpayers elected ineffective Dilkens knowing how he was such a poor city councillor. Our past mayor was a lawyer, and our present mayor is a lawyer, both of these people have not helped our unemployment situation in Windsor, only their huge EGO’s. The residence of Windsor need to start looking closer at the people that are running for office in our city, and cast out the ones that did not keep their election promises.

  2. Are revolutions or mutinies legal in Ontario? I don’t think anything short of that will get these guys attention as they are in this for all the wrong reasons. Anne Jarvis made a start with her column but the Star & CKLW have to hit this hard instead of catering to this council & mayor. Understand Chinnery & Beneteau?

  3. Blindsight | 16 February 2016 at 12:49 |

    Newsmaker of the Year for Detroit

    This is part of the lessons Windsor needs to look for with leadership .The voter should look for someone to come forward that is devoted to the people ,not self glory .And 18 hr days may be part of the requirement’s ,Drew needs to shut up and listen as the results are there in a short time .

    If you would take a moment and review a interview on the Mayor across the river Mike Duggan ,you get a sense of a person with the Right Background and Dedication impacting change in a positive way that doesn’t restrict yet acts as a catalyst for others to make change in many directions most could only hope to accomplish .A leader knows when to let people effect change for themselves.

    Very interesting to listen to the attitude behind the person ––TMIKxlZYE

  4. Blindsight | 16 February 2016 at 11:51 |

    The thing is we knew this was going to get worse when Eddie moved on an Drew stumbled in .Drew’s history was horrible as a councillor .Yet ,he was voted in .This control thing was perfected by the previous mayor . The media only worked to not report the facts and/or ask questions that were in the taxpayers interest . So the sad facts is citizens voted in many of these individuals failed to change how we look at issues that effect us everyday .

    If anything the failed history is catching up and we are going to have to live with the poor choices made for those now sitting in our local council and the current mayor. The voice needs to be stronger coming from community and local business .It seems most are ignored in decisions as they have in the past . So somehow the general public needs to organize their needs in a way those elected can’t just ignore them without knowing their are consequences that effect them directly . In any business environment those elected in the past would have been shown the door for their self interest decisions that cost everyone dearly.It’s self destruction no mater how they want to pat themselves on the back .

    It’s almost like Windsor needs to to revolt within to clean house to have a viable future .That also requires hopefully some local business people to help take over these leadership rolls that most elected can’t really comprehend .

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