Follow Ottawa’s Example

By James Coulter

(WINDSOR, ON) – Last week it was reported that the Ottawa Hospital will not be building their new facility on an experimental farm. They acknowledge their poor choice and they will review other potential sites.

The CEO and president of the Ottawa Hospital, Dr Jack Kitts, says he wants to keep the hospital in the core, and that makes perfect sense. This news has been greeted by Windsor Regional Hospital officials with derision.

We are told the land purchase is a “done deal”, but that’s what the people of Ottawa had been told too. Our leaders say they are sticking to their plan to build the Windsor Region’s new mega-hospital on sub-serviced, agricultural land outside of the city’s built foot-print.

There are opportunities to build in Windsor within the existing built foot print. These sites are better serviced, more accessible to the city’s populations-at-risk, and will be less costly in terms of capital dollars to make them viable.

Once more, I am asking for your help.

The people of Ontario need changes to the wrongheaded practice of large-scale, green-field development that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care is pushing on many communities.

In 2016 we know that urban intensification is successful and promotes cultural and economic advancement. The people of Ottawa made it clear that they want a better decision made on the site of their future hospital.

Every Ontario citizen should applaud their success.

As a society we should be acting more responsibly and taking advantage of every opportunity to make our cities stronger and to protect our environment. We should be making the best choices, not the easiest ones, to give ourselves and our children the brightest future possible.

4 Comments on "Follow Ottawa’s Example"

  1. I like the new site, makes it accessible to the county also

    • Where did all the PC's go? | 16 February 2016 at 15:01 |

      Your statement is not entirely accurate. The 42 site makes county access easier.
      The corollary to that is – the 42 site makes city access harder.
      What I haven’t heard anyone ask is – why is all the money for regional health care being used in Windsor?
      If the WRH had selected a core site like the campers want, the UCC at the old Grace site would not be required. That facility could have then been built out in the “county” to make routine medical access easier and the county would have got a building that could have been expanded on as the county population increased.
      Instead the city gets all the investment and the “county” gets zip.

  2. The steps taken by Ottawa are just the first of many that will cancel this Mega hospital to built here.

    • concerned citizen | 16 February 2016 at 15:33 |

      If not within 5 km of core of Windsor let another community take the hospital. Let’s keep Met and let the county pay and have the new hospital in either Lasalle or Lakeshore. This might be the worst location in the whole county. Why keep it in Windsor so we shoulder most of the costs without the benefits? Why would our municipal government go along with this? Why hasn’t the city of windsor’s planner been asked his opinion or any planner for that matter? This Province doesn’t give a damn about Windsor.

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