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Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

It seems harder and harder for reasonable folk to understand what has happened to a perfectly good city like Windsor, after it was taken over by despotic mayors who love to lavish themselves in taxpayer paid greatness. One of those who seems quite surprised about how things have transpired is a woman columnist toiling at the Windsor Star.

Anne Jarvis put together a submission to her readers on February 17 in which she basically professed to being-up-to-her-neck upset because no one is telling her how much it is costing to host the grand spectacle of December, the extremely expensive so-called FINA shorts swimming event.

Why is she so upset?

She lives in Windsor, a despotic duchy. Hasn’t she seen the signs?

She is supposed to be a reporter. True, she is now a columnist, but was trained as a scribbler in Burford. It is a city reputed to have but a single stoplight. Big news days were probably whenever someone ran the light.

Unfortunately, Windsor is full of figurative red light running all because flighty mayor Drew Dilkens does what he wants. He is also taking full advantage of the path flattened by democracy-killer Edgar (Eddie) Francis.

During his reign of self-greatness, he singlehandedly removed representative government.

If any one doubts how things have changed they probably did not notice the usually laboriously long budget setting process this year lasted a few hours. It included the diversionary plea from the regional hospital for taxpayer cash to build a new hospital in a bean field.

If nothing else, Francis introduced the concept of government by government for the benefit of his image, while sweeping government by the people for the people under the rug.

Administrators have largely taken over the role once held by conscious councillors. This is pretty much okay because, in most cases, the current vat of councillors are mostly unconscious and sit in their windowless chamber applauding the deeds of Dilkens. If they don’t, he chastises them as only an autocratic leader can.

What is most interesting is Jarvis and no other traditional news media type seem willing to mention or pinpoint the continuing unwinding of the Francis legacy. It commenced in earnest for the International Children’s Games.

Francis proudly introduced In Sport We Are One.

Controversial from the get go, this software program allowed kids to record their physical activities at a time the city started removing the places they could be physically active. This plank in the Francis legacy splintered shortly thereafter out of lack of interest.

Next to fall where the illusions of greatness the city was to obtain by building a natatorium downtown attached to a waterpark.

No greatness resulted.

Even the Francis Council’s decision to remove fluoride from drinking water is now suspect.

An Alberta study reveals children in Calgary, where the water is not treated, have more dental issues than those in Edmonton, which stills treats its water with a dose of fluoride. When Windsor Council made its decision, The Square reported it smacked of a move to save money so more could be used on white elephants.

These costly elephants now stand as stark reminders of how Windsor began suffering at the hands of a glitz-chasing Council, dead set on preserving its tax and spend ways, rewarding itself while ignoring the true needs of the community.

It is a situation that continues to this day so why is Jarvis so surprised?

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4 Comments on "Jarvis Out Of Touch"

  1. Just George | 21 February 2016 at 19:35 |

    The question is not why Ms. Jarvis is surprised.
    Why is it that the City Council is not taking charge? The Mayor only has one vote.
    Our city will continue like this as long as the voters vote along party lines in municipal elections and not for a representative of the citizens of the wards.
    Also, as long as committees and bureaucrats make decisions, the Councillors feel they and their parties cannot be blamed.

  2. Marny beale | 18 February 2016 at 14:41 |

    We need more reporting from Anne Jarvis and you about this destructive mayor and council.

    • I am not so quick to take Jarvis at face value. She is quick to defend the previous mayor despite this apparent change of heart as it pertains to Dilkens.

  3. Ineffective Dilkens learned from our past mayor fast Eddie, on how to control the city council, and get what he wants no matter what the taxpayers of Windsor want. Ineffective mayor Dilkens has a huge EGO, not quite as large as fast Eddie’s, but very close.

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