Dilkens Orchestrates The Fall Of Windsor

Weeks-HeaderBy Howard Weeks

“There’s probably a pre-orchestrated motion.” This from an incredibly frustrated Councillor Bill Marra at Monday night’s city council meeting after Mayor Drew Dilkens denied him the right to put forward a motion.

As the Windsor Star reported, “Coun. Bill Marra said he wanted to make a motion on the issue of outsourcing. Then Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac said the same thing. But Dilkens said he had called on Gignac first, before Marra spoke up, so that she had the right to make a motion first.”

Who spoke first?

As I saw it, and the paper agrees, it was Marra. So why was Marra denied?

Dilkens did not clearly rule that Gignac spoke first. Forthright, definitive, put yourself on the line statements are not his style. Instead he weaseled, “I called on Gignac first.”

This is the kind of obtuse, inane language that justifies so much of what transpires in the rabbit’s hole that is Windsor City Council.

Marra was right. If there ever was a pre-orchestrated motion, the one delivered by Gignac was it.

An eloquent piece, obviously written by a committee and carefully crafted to load the dice in favour of contracting out. It blindly accepted the administration report which certified that there would be no full time jobs lost thanks to attrition and the bumping of workers.

It then requested an RFP, which will certainly illustrate the obvious. It’s cheaper to offer low paying McJobs then real, well-paying jobs complete with benefits and security.

A job loss is a job loss is a job loss. If an employment position becomes vacant due to attrition or whatever, and no one is hired to fill the vacancy, then a job is lost.

This outsourcing will mean that Windsor’s unemployed will have several less well paying job opportunities. Simple as that.

Instead, it was a perfect example of how Administration goes about playing council like an orchestra.

Not to be denied by last fall’s 6 to 5 council decision against job outsourcing, Administration put forth a slightly different piece of sheet music. In typically obtrusive style, the report did not recommend outsourcing itself but, instead, suggested that council request proposals for bids by private companies to perform janitorial work for the city.

Although several councillors stated they are only doing their fiduciary duty by asking for all the facts, and voting for the report, they cannot be so naive as to not see that the new report will be nothing but an apparent money saving offer they will be loathe to refuse.

Thus, because of a Machiavellian administration with a compliant mayor as it’s conductor, council has been orchestrated, good jobs will be lost, and the social fabric of this beleaguered city will sustain another blow.

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  1. B. Taylor | 11 March 2016 at 21:18 |

    Well written Howard. Maybe we can outsource our mayor and crew. Think of the money we could save.

  2. P. Sciatica | 11 March 2016 at 15:18 |

    Remove Drew Dilkens as Mayor

    The signatories keep growing . . .


  3. Bery well stated first of all! That is exactly what I witnessed as well, leaving me dumbfounded and actually regretful of the outcome. Damocracy was shifted aside momentarily so that council could pursue with their relentless agenda. I could’ve swore that in democracy vote down was a vote down ??? Hmmm….. It leaves me wondering what next??

  4. Our ineffective mayor is not interested in keeping city jobs in Windsor, he needs the money to pay for losses from the WFCU arena and the Aquatic Centre. Windsor having the highest unemployment in Canada for years and our past mayor and our now ineffective mayor have done nothing to address this issue. Our past and present city councillors are also responsible for not demanding that the focus should be on getting companies to open shop in Windsor instead of approving costly sports activities.

  5. Kevin mcmaster | 10 March 2016 at 09:20 |

    And then joAnne goes home to her nice house bought and paid for with UNION money…Sleiman too…dispicable

  6. jennifer williams | 10 March 2016 at 08:17 |

    I am a city employee and you can bet your ass when I no longer have a job with the city I will be moving because I will not let my tax money go towards a city that didn’t protect or value my job! Keep it up Dilkens with all your spending on everything but city employees and not only because we want to move so you no longer get our tax money but for many of us you’ll have left us no choice!

  7. Chris Young | 10 March 2016 at 07:48 |

    maybe the councilors and mayor should look at taking the same types of packages that they want to RFP to outsource jobs for their standards of living then watch the tables turn – what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander as they say – when will it stop??? It was voted upon and that should remain as what the priority should have been – out trumping this new nonsense of “let’s try this again another way!”

  8. Sol Furer | 9 March 2016 at 20:48 |

    Total Consevative politics.. If your not true blue at Dilkens table …your on the menu…Just look at who shared in the hidden $10,000,000.00 .. Dilkens was embarrassed he couldn’t break the Union last year,, so he must try again .. This Council is really a mess…how many projects in this city are 1/2 finished ..like the Eddie Francis ( put on hold ) VISTA project on the Drive… completion of Walker Road.. when ? And if anyone thinks the cost for Cabana will be 47 million .. Well it will be ALOT more since it’s going to take 8 YEARS !! That’s another City guesstimate … Why not borrow some money today while interest rates are low and get the job done in 3 years.. The increase in the price of oil, cement and Labour in 8 years will inflate this 47 million ,,, not to mention some of Cabana will need repairs before 8 years …

  9. Rochelle | 9 March 2016 at 19:21 |

    These are not jobs being lost. It has a much greater impact. It will directly effect the Resident’s of Huron Lodge and the relationships they have with the care takers. They are vulnerable and should not have to acept strangers coming into there home (room) invading their personal space. I think council has forgotten that THE RESIDENT’S OF HURON LODGE PAID TAXES ALL OF THEIR WORKING YEARS AND DESERVE MAINTAIN THE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS THE CARE TAKING STAFF PROVIDE. IT IS THEIR HOME. The sad truth is prisoners get treated better than the elderly. What have they contributed to society!!!

  10. Is there anything about how this city is run NOT questionable?

  11. richard sarner | 9 March 2016 at 12:58 |

    Re; Dilkens’ actions at Monday Council Meeting

    Mr. Weeks

    If what You saw ( and what I thought I saw and what Windsor saw ) is correct, then wouldn’t this make Dilkens in contravention of the Municipal Act? I dunno…I’m not a Lawyer but it seems to Me that if Dilkens ran roughshod overMarra’s right to speak at that moment than the Mayor has to be held accountable..Otherwise the proceedings were not ” democratic.’ I appreciate Your article…

    Citizen Richard Sarner

    • Howard Weeks | 9 March 2016 at 14:12 |

      My understanding Richard is the matter is being looked into. Thanks for appreciating my article. Howard

      • Who is ” looking into it” ?
        The thought that it may be an internal investigation destroys any trust left with this crowd.
        Why is Bill Marra not making more of a fuss over this issue? I watched the proceedings and I think Marra got sideswiped large . And both mayors (Helga and Dwight ) looked determined to shut him down permanently.
        Curious that no other councillor stood up for democracy and / or Marra right on the spot. Guess the bully tactics are working.

    • Rebecca Blaevoet | 9 March 2016 at 14:46 |

      We were there, too. We hope someone will be watching that video very closely because from where we sat, it looked questionable.

      • andy flannigan | 10 March 2016 at 08:22 |

        i will be contacting my councilman Ed Sleiman. notifying him if this proposal is followed through on .do not expect my vote next election.we need good paying jobs that people can raise a family on not mc’jobs

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