FINA Will Put Windsor On The World Stage

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

Mysteriously, John W Nestor comes to the mayor’s defence for lavishing $21 million on some out-of-town swimmers for a December competition at the city’s hockey arena. In a March 16 letter to the Windsor Star’s editor, he shames one of its columnists and a city councilor.

Shame on you both, Anne Jarvis and Coun. Irek Kusmierczyk, for questioning the city’s expenditures for the FINA championship in a region that is not celebrated or recognized often.

According to Nestor, the costly swimming meet will lift the city to the world stage. He has no substantiation for his claim, however.

It turns out he “thinks” the expensive diversion of taxpayer money will be, “… well worth the investment.”

Because he offers no proof, Nestor proves those supporting the mayor are bereft of logical or fact-based evidence. If he had even a single solid point, he would obviously trot out copious documentation.

He seems to have nothing and has, apparently, somehow forgotten all the benefits the city was to gain from the International Children’s Games. Not only have none materialized but the former mayor’s legacy project, In Sport WE Are One, collapsed for lack of interest.

Some also might remember an April 1, 2013, report, again in the Star, that revealed the ICG had a, “… $2.5 to $3 million budget. [Nora] Romero expects the area should see an economic impact of at least $2 million.”

Spending almost $3 million for a $2 million gain is certainly, to be polite, on the fringe of lunacy. Unfortunately, such recklessness appears ready to be matched by the FINA extravaganza.

There are some very good reasons to anticipate the economic gain for FINA will be well under what is being spent.

First off, the mayor brags two billion people will be watching. The claim is groundless.

He has yet to authoritatively prove this or even to admit the cable network that was to broadcast the meet to America has gone out of business.

The costs of hosting FINA are allegedly so unjustified, two other North American jurisdictions recently backed out; Mexico and Lake Magog in Quebec.

If they couldn’t see an appropriate return on their investments why does Windsor think it will be the exception?

Lake Magog raised a particularly important red flag. After it found its chances of getting private sector advertising were slim, and facing increased costs to host FINA officials, it pulled the plug.

Nestor’s claims did cause Jim Ti, a commenter on the story, to wonder if he is “… the mayor’s brother? Or maybe at least one of his relatives? That would explain a lot.”

Notwithstanding, Nestor should be congratulated for writing the letter.

It both exposes the success the mayor has had having people chew his pretence gum and also demonstrates how weak the argument is about FINA doing anything for the city. Granted, it does allow the mayor to socialize with despotic sheiks, but that is not a real benefit for taxpayers.

Nestor needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with some real facts to support his position, rather than his simply thinking it might be good. Thinking just doesn’t fly.

Mind you, he and Ti do agree, FINA will have Windsor recognized on the world stage. However, Ti is convinced it is the, “… world stage of ‘suckers.’”

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4 Comments on "FINA Will Put Windsor On The World Stage"

  1. Another excellent article Robert, Nestor should be giving us true documented facts not pipe dreams. The tables sure turn when your not spending your own money on these money loosing ventures. When will our city councillors wake-up and start blocking these costly ventures that are ineffective mayor Dilkens proposes.

  2. You know you just can’t make this stuff up. The 2015 Super Bowl between New England & Seattle drew 114 million viewers, a record, but a swimming event will draw 2 billion but nobody at the Star will ask the question: Where do you get these numbers from?

  3. Doug Charles | 18 March 2016 at 15:38 |

    FINA seems like a done deal, might as well let it happen to suceed or fail, but I’m hoping someone pushes for evidence of the results. I’m assuming evidence should help to prevent such ventures from recurring and hence will be avoided.

  4. Marny beale | 18 March 2016 at 15:22 |

    Dilkens + Nestor = a long way off to 2 billion viewers.
    CNN is not even advertising the event yet. So it doesn’t look good for recouping fiunds from this shindig.
    2000.00 for city summer market still denied by Dilkens?

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