Windsor Lands An Opportunity

Header-image-TuomiBy Robert Tuomi

An opportunity has arrived on the city’s doorstep that could see it potentially save $21 million dollars. In a foolhardy scheme, it plans to lavish taxpayer money on hosting some foreign swimmers in a pop-up pool at the east end arena. Who knew this would even arrive on the city’s doorstep just when the council is readying to break the bank to be worldly significant?

But it did.

It turns out, famed television game show Jeopardy gave the clue of the day on March 1.

The world’s only international automobile tunnel was completed in 1930 between Detroit and this Ontario city.

The question, of course, was, “What is Windsor, Alex?” Canadian-born Alex Trebek is the host of the long running and highly popular show which quizzes the knowledge of its contestants and its viewers alike.

No doubt the spin masters in the mayor’s office will soon be parading around saying billions now know about Windsor from its starring role as part of a clue on the well-liked US televised and cablecast program.

And therein lies the opportunity of a lifetime for Windsor’s hard-pressed taxpayers.

Dilkens is spending a huge fortune to bring FINA to town and to provide an excuse for him to travel and hang out with despotic Qatar sheiks. It is certainly a lot of money with very little return.

In fact, the return will almost be imperceptible. However, for exactly the value of a day old newspaper, Windsor has scored the big one and won international acclaim simply by being a fact on the Trebek show.

The deed, it seems, is definitely done and now Windsor might be able to avoid the embarrassment of spending money like a drunken sailor at a FINA swim meet. It might be said that Christmas mysteriously arrived early in Windsor, which could explain why it happened to be snowing at the precise time Jeopardy was aired locally.

The gift from Jeopardy is to use the reaction from its audience to figure out what to do with FINA; keep it or drop it.

It is anticipated the billions who watched the show, and who learned a little tidbit of information about the once rosy city, will be clamouring to get to their local bus station to grab a ‘Hound to the border city.

Shortly, maybe just weeks away, thousands will be flooding the river city and taking in all of its many riches, including a trip under the Detroit River’ A sightseers dream for sure, except for the claustrophobic. They, of course, can ride over the river using the equally famed Ambassador Bridge.

Local tourist outfitters and suppliers of rooms and meals will be rolling in the streets with millions of dollars of unanticipated cash from the horde of visitors.

If, however, the tourists never line up under the city’s transom, then the Dilkens all-glitz FINA parade will be exposed.

Millions of Jeopardy viewers not influenced enough to damn the torpedoes and head north or south, their choice, would suggest all the television coverage expected from the billions who will watch FINA is being stretched a bit beyond reality.

Windsor is certainly lucky to be able to monitor the results of its Jeopardy fame, if only to gauge the real value of all this money being showered on FINA. And it can do it before it really turns up the heat on the FINA spending machine.

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  1. robert tuomi | 28 March 2016 at 10:55 |

    This is mostly written because the mayor parades around saying over a billion people will be watching FINA. Sorry, I am not about to drink his glögg and neither should you.

  2. Robert interesting article, but we all know that ineffective Drew Dilkens will press on with this costly swim meet which will not be covered internationally by the news media. Now next years Jeopardy’s question will be what foolish city in Ontario ran a swim meet that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and received nothing in return. All I see in Windsor’s future is higher taxes and less jobs coming to our city, and also more tax dollars spent foolishly by our ineffective mayor and city council.

  3. Blindsight | 24 March 2016 at 13:21 |

    Why are you writing articles like this ??? When you spin like this your going to crash ..

    .Hopefully something more informative can be researched .

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