Windsor Star Uses Athlete

By Tim Stewart

It’s interesting to find that letters to the Star editor, which contain views questioning FINA expenditures, sports tourism, and a variety of other city hall-based ideas, are strictly limited to the 300-word maximum, as stated in the Star’s letter to the editor policy. Yet, a particular letter from Danielle Campo, at 597 words, is published without reservation.

With congratulations and kudos to Danielle Campo for her athletic achievements, she should understand that the Star’s rules, rigidly enforced on others, were ignored in order for her opinion to be published.

As an Olympic medalist, I think Danielle and her fellow athletes would certainly recognize the need to equitably enforce the published rules in the interest of fairness to all. Other contributors have had letters rejected for exceeding the Star’s published 300-word limit.

We have received correspondence from the Star’s editorial staff asking us to edit letters to satisfy the 300-word count.

Danielle and her fellow athletes should also understand that those of us who question the sports tourism expenditures are some of the same people who fully support her and her fellow athletes.

A demand for transparency and accountability does not equate to a lack of support or negativity toward these athletes, although the spin from City Hall may indicate otherwise.  It is not negativity to demand an accurate accounting of taxpayer funded expenditures.

Mayor Dilkens, and anyone else who spins the truth in this manner, should be ashamed of themselves.

It seems that the Star and our current mayor share an agenda and only letters that agree with that common agenda are exempt from the printed rules everyone else is expected to follow. Shame on the Star’s editorial staff for exploiting our local athletes to fulfill an agenda.

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Tim Stewart is a regular contributor to Square Media Group. He is a resident and tax payer in Windsor, where he lives with his family.

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3 Comments on "Windsor Star Uses Athlete"

  1. Tim well said, unfortunately that is how city hall is run no transparency or accountability, they will never let the truth be known.

  2. Does this really surprise you? We are talking about the bought & paid for local paper

    • Tim Stewart | 13 April 2016 at 11:10 |

      Hi Bob,

      No sir nothing surprises me much any more but I do think it’s worth bringing it to the attention of others. The more people we get to understand the more chances we have of ending the stupidity.

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