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It seems coincidental to see the first FINA defender came out of the woodwork after the Square posts Opt out FINA on its website. It might suggest the denizens of the good burg should prepare for more FINA pretence similar to, but not exactly like, a letter penned by local distinguished swimmer Danielle Campo.

It was digitally published by the Windsor Star on April 7 and smacks of too much typical city hall bravado.

Campo daydreams out loud about, “… some of the greatest swimming athletes will be in Windsor competing for a title of best in the world …”.

On this she is at odds with a person well positioned to know swimming reality. Swim Vortex editor Craig Lord, in an October 27, 2015, editorial, publicly doubted some of the greatest competitors are attracted to the FINA shorts.

Its winners are the, “… same people season after season of late.”

He added that the format is unappealing and, “… the vast majority of elite swimmers in the world – those earned top 50 across all events – are bypassing the World Cup as a series year after year.”

Lord also pointed out the Olympic Games and the FINA long course championships are, “… still the only moments that bring the very best together to showcase swimming at its best.”

Swimming and the selection processes and decisions and budgets of domestic federations have largely rejected FINA’s World Cup as a showcase worth getting on the plane for. It is a minor moment.

Campo admits to being excited that her, “… home city now has the opportunity to display to the world just how amazing Windsor is.”

She does not explain how the world will find out.

Despite the mayor boasting that two billion people will have their eyes transfixed on Windsor, it is doubtful even a small percentage will be watching.

Another odd point is how Campo pretended that FINA, “… could have chosen any city in any country to host the 2016 Short Course World Championships.”

In reality, many cities simply won’t host its events, including all cities in the United States. The costs are too high.

So high, even cities willing to host have, after sober second thought, dropped out. Mexico’s swimming body has actually been suspended by FINA. This was reported by Swim Swam, on February 29.

Since Mexico hasn’t paid, “… the $5 million fine associated with their withdrawal from hosting duties of the 2017 World Championships …” they have been given the boot by FINA.

Besides, what other city, aside from Windsor, can muster tens of millions of dollars to host a costly FINA event? Most are neither as wealthy nor as foolish.

Then there is the issue of Windsor welcoming an organization associated with a country facing continuing allegations of human rights abuses. FINA gladly allows Qatar to host its events. It is a country run by despots.

HC Bailey, in a report published by the London Daily Telegraph on September 8, 1939, and entitled Britain has always fought Europe’s ambitious despots, opined that none, “… are so blind as those who do not choose to see.”

Is Campo choosing not to see?

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  1. The understanding that I have is no one else wanted to host the FINA games and they suckered Eddie Francis into holding them in our city, and Eddie sold it to city council. Our ineffective mayor Dilkens is so brain washed with the FINA games he is actually believing that this will be a huge event covered by the world news media. I guess our ineffective mayor and city council feel that we can afford to loose $ 21 million dollars on these uneventful games, and now raise our taxes by 2.19 %.

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