A Ridiculous Argument

schnurr-headerBy Chris Schnurr

The Windsor Star has published an amusing ‘editorial’. Considering how the records are sealed, and that a judge has allowed the hearing to proceed thus far, despite a police investigation, upon what information is the Star basing this “opinion”?

Evidently, there is some basis for the hearing to proceed, or is the Star suggesting the judge doesn’t know what he/she is doing?

Oh, it can’t be, says the Star, city administrators are good people. I’m sure they are, and know in fact many are. But, the truth is, sometimes good people do wrong things for various reasons.

The Star proclaims, oh, we could fill so many potholes with the money. Sure. We could also fill some potholes with the $90K granted to owners of the building the Star leases for their outdoor LED sign, which hasn’t worked in a few months.

With the sweetheart lease deals offered to the private sector, we could probably build two more pools. With the funds offered to foreign events, we could support our own.

It’s a ridiculous argument put forth by the Star.

Democracy requires its checks and balances, and there are no issues with anyone doing so, especially when the media generally has failed to do so.

And if it’s frivolous, I’m sure the judge will ensure that those involved will pay the legal costs of the City, as is normally done.

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  1. Our city officials are so out of their league when it comes down to business, they have no clue of what things cost or the amount of money this city looses everyday. The city of Windsor needs an Auditor General immediately to keep our ineffective mayor Dilkens and his ineffective city councillors in line.

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