Cooke Steps Over The Line

Weeks-HeaderBy Howard Weeks

This is a quote from an email my family recently received that I find quite disturbing.

The way you and Howard behave on this matter is disappointing and certainly not the way your Father would want public discussion to be carried out.

This was from Dave Cooke, co-chair of the steering committee overseeing plans for the new hospital.

I have been participating in the ongoing debate about plans for the future hospital for quite some time now. For some reason, when confronted with opposition, those in favour of the current plan seem to respond as if they have been personally attacked.

A case in point is Mr Cooke’s behaviour.

In an email exchange, one of my siblings disputed his version of events and, incredibly, Cooke felt so put upon that he resorted to dragging my deceased father into the argument.

To defame the relationship someone has had with one’s father in order to score points is, to say the least, an extreme form of bullying. Who is Cooke to pass judgement on whatever my father may or may not have thought about the actions of his children?

In fact, I’m certain that my father would have found Mr Cooke to be the one with whom to be disappointed. My dad certainly would have expected much better from someone that he had given so much help to in his early political career.

I believe that instead of dismissing arguments against the current plan with this kind aggressive defensiveness, the steering committee should actually make a real effort to listen and consult.

As for Cooke, an unreserved apology to myself and my family cannot be offered too soon.

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  1. You expect an apology from a classless politician? These a-holes wouldn’t apologize to their kids for running over the family dog.

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