Windsor Not Good Enough For FINA

Tuomi-HeaderWindsor Transit buses are, apparently, not good enough for FINA, the international swimming competition outfit. Windsor will pay $21 million to host its short swim competition this December.

In a report to City Council for its June 20 meeting, written by the hired hand running the event, Peter Knowles, city is to provide, “… a reliable system of transportation for such as team members, technical officials, media and broadcast representatives, VIP Guests and FINA officials for travel to and from the airport, the competition venue and other necessary venues.”

He says the only way to do this is to hire a coach company from Toronto.

Knowles’ report actually degrades Windsor talent, claiming there is a so-called, “… requirement for professional and experienced fleet management services.”

Does Knowles not know local coach companies get good reviews?

Shell4, in a post on used the word professional to compliment Leamington’s Southway Transportation. Shell4 described the staff as, “… very friendly, helpful and flexible during the reservation process. The driver was very professional, on time and got us all home safe!!”

FINA, seems to be nothing if not picky about who can move its people around. It, “… would prefer one coach provider as opposed to a fleet comprised of coaches supplied by a number of different providers.”

This is failed logic at best.

Knowles, possibly a fussy guy, says his way will ensure a, “… consistent look across all coaches being used at the Championships, which will aid participants in recognizing the event transportation.”

Actually, it might not aid anybody.

Large vehicles parked outside of local hotels and the east end arena, on the other hand, would probably be very hard to distinguish if their livery is identical. A better plan might be to use different buses for different routes with their riders getting to know the unique markings and style of their bus.

But, of course, that would be creative and might involve hiring local; a no no for the current Council.

Windsor is paying millions to host the FINA event so it can gain credibility in front of the world. But, doesn’t the idea of hiring people and buses from afar, which it is doing, reduce the opportunity for locals to gain prime experience to develop the skills desperately needed to prove the city can really handle such an event?

To add insult to injury most, if not all, of the coach drivers will be from out of town, seeing as how locals just aren’t good enough. Because of this, there will be an added expense of $36,000 to pay for their overnight accommodation.

And there’s more.

Apparently, the FINA officials do not, repeat, do not want to rub shoulders with their own unwashed. This is hard to understand because this is not a juried event.

However, the city will have to provide a, “… number of smaller buses as specified by the FINA P&P for the transportation of Technical Committees and Commissions e.g. FINA Swimming Technical Committee.”

The precocious FINA bureaucrats should ride around in smaller buses. It is impossible to make this stuff up.

These FINA people are unbelievable.

Windsor is not a rich city. It is losing its tax base because of its shrinking industrial sector. Despite that, it has a large fleet of buses and trained coach operators, one even runs Windsor Transit. But, alas, they just aren’t good enough for FINA.

Denizens should think of that next time they ride transit and be ashamed they are so low class they are relegated to common public transit that just won’t do for FINA.

Surely this whole bus thing is insane. Why doesn’t the city save thousands by simply giving the FINA darlings bus passes?

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  1. Judy Ziriada | 21 June 2016 at 15:39 |

    Mr. Knowles if you need help with logistics for running transportation for athletes and judges, media, etc… for this swim meet give me a call…they are many of us in the city who have helped in many ways running events much bigger than this one and we never had a problem with using transportation from local companies…in The City Of Windsor.. this is a shame and very degrading to our city .. Windsor needs to step up and tell Fina where to go … honestly this is nonsense at its best .

  2. Its the same old story, our ineffective mayor and our past mayor fast Eddie and city council did not get all the facts before opening their mouths and committing to these not Olympic FINA games. There are less than 5% of taxpayers in Windsor that want these games and yet we have committed the city to $21 million dollars plus. Now if the FINA officials do not like the transportation Windsor is supplying them than they can supply their own. Our Windsor officials are lead around by their noses and we all know they will give into these FINA officials, this is were out elected city councillors need to step up and refuse their request.

  3. Why has The Star not run this story?

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