Talking With Windsor Council

Weeks-HeaderCity council asked the taxpayers for $34 million to build a new city hall. The taxpayers asked, “What’s wrong with the one that you have?”

Council said it’s old and the heating systems, water pipes, and elevators fail from time to time.

The taxpayers asked what would it cost to fix it.

Council replied, “According to our building condition assessment dated Jan 15, 2010 it would cost $8,391,600, maybe $12,000,000 today.”

The taxpayers asked, “Could the $34 million swell to a greater amount?”

Council replied, “We hope not.”

Taxpayers asked, “What is the equity in your present building?”

Council said, “There will be no equity as we plan to demolish the rotten old thing as soon as the new one is built.”

The taxpayers continued, “Your asset management plan has close to a Billion dollars worth of infrastructure showing signs of imminent failure. Should you not address that first?”

Council said that municipal, infrastructure deficits are common. “So, it’s ok, because we are not the only ones.”

The taxpayers stated, “Between 2006 and 2011, your city’s population shrink by 5,582 and growth rate by 2.9%, as you concentrated on non-priority projects resulting in aged infrastructure and creating a poor economic growth atmosphere.”

Council replied, “But, if we build it they will come, resulting in a re-branding of our city and, surely, economic prosperity will follow.”

The taxpayers said, “We have seen a pattern of you needlessly spending taxpayers money for little return or no reason, therefore your request is denied. Instead we recommend that you begin addressing concerns that will actually benefit and improve the lives of your citizens.”

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  1. We should be spending our tax dollars on our infrastructure, making a statement that this is common to have a poor infrastructure in other cities just shows us the type of people running our city. Our roads are falling apart and our ineffective mayor and city council are more concerned about spending $21 million on a swim meet and a new city hall and we don’t need either of them. We can only hope that the city taxpayers will wake up in the next election and vote for people that will help our city not ruin it.

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