New Hospital Not A Done Deal

Weeks-HeaderLike so many Windsor residents, I am looking forward to our area receiving a brand new, state of the art health facility. My concern is that the mega-plan, as it stands now, may hinder the realization of this dream.

The province, in its careful consideration of the different blueprints submitted by all the jurisdictions currently in play, may very well find Windsor and Essex-County’s plan to be sorely lacking. That’s because building a hospital so far out of the city’s core goes against Ontario’s new 5-year action plan on climate change and sustainable land use.

The plan does not comply with the government’s new policy to combat urban sprawl. Contrary to the Health Ministry’s goal to bring health care closer to its users, the facility will be further away from the majority of the county’s population.

Even though the powers that be want you to believe the plan is a done deal, that is not the case.

The Metropolitan and Ouellette campus’ have yet to be demolished. No money has been spent on infrastructure, transportation, or servicing the County Road 42 parcel of land. The property has not been purchased. And, the zoning, which defines how the land can be used, has not been changed.

For these reasons I submit that it’s not too late to re-think the mega-hospital plan and come up with one that is much more likely to gain the province’s approval by satisfying the healthcare needs of the majority of the residents of Essex County.

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  1. The Mega hospital will not be built for two reasons that I believe, first as you stated we are not in line with the governments restrictions, secondly this is an NDP area not Liberal. The Provincial Liberal government will want it to be located were their party is strong. The 1.5% tax increase that ineffective mayor Dilkens and our ineffective city council who raised our taxes for this Mega hospital that will not be built, will use this extra money for another one of their idiotic sport projects. We the taxpayers will never get that 1.5% tax increase back as promised by our ineffective mayor. No matter how you look at this situation of this Mega hospital, in the end we the taxpayers will get the short end of the stick as usual.

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