It’s Not A Done Deal





Re-Think the Mega-Plan – It’s not a done deal!

By now, you may have noticed several signs with this wording, popping up all over town, and not know exactly what they mean. If so, you could be like a lot of Windsrites who are unaware of the future plans for our region’s health care.

This is not surprising since these plans have been formulated largely under the radar.

Members of the group Citizens for an Accountable Megahospital Planning Process (CAMPP) believe that, moving forward, the best way to achieve an accountable, viable, and effective health care planning process is to raise public awareness. So far, these signs have been quite successful in achieving this goal.

Re-think means pushing the pause button and re-evaluating the mega-plan as it now stands. It means engaging the public in a transparent process which clearly examines the various aspects of the plan, suggests alternative options and, most importantly, obtains and welcomes documented input.

The so-called mega-plan is the formula the hospital board and various levels of the region’s health professionals have arrived at to try to fix the problems they see with our current health care system. It includes many questionable aspects, not the least of which is the destruction of the two current hospitals which presently serve the residents of Windsor and Essex County.

In their place, the plan calls for the construction of one, so called mega-hospital to be built far from the urban core and far from the majority of Windsor and Essex county residents.

It’s not a done deal because our two current hospitals are still standing, the land for the new hospital has not been re-zoned, let alone purchased, and the Province has yet to give its approval.

The many ordinary citizens who want the best for our regions health care, have united with the purpose of achieving just that. They invite you to visit their website and Facebook page in order to get more information, join in the discussion, and ultimately do what we can to achieve the best health care possible for the citizens of our region.

You might even like to order a sign.

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  1. If I were a taxpayer in Windsor (which I’m not) I would be EXTREMELY concerned regarding the money collected, in advance, via a special tax, by the City Of Windsor !

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