Reidel In Charge Of EnWin Rate Increase

Shalapata-HeaderOnly readers of The Square are aware of the price gouging that EnWin is employing. The Windsor owned energy distributor was closed off to the public after city council created the umbrella Windsor Canada Utilities and folded EnWin into the corporation. However, some reporting requirements of the Ontario Energy Board allow snippets of information to emerge into the daylight.

Spending at EnWin is wildly out of control and it is only going to get worse. Despite increased revenues, the distributor has applied to the OEB for another price hike for Windsorites. This, despite the fact over 6,000 residents couldn’t afford to pay their EnWin bills in 2015, according to MPP Lisa Gretzky.

Revenues are up at EnWin so much that net income increased 45.9% between 2011 and 2014. Now, to quell their insatiable quest for more, EnWin has applied for another increase without demonstrating any desire to get its own house in order first.

EnWin spends more money on administration than any other energy distributor in the province. Sure, Kathleen Wynne has to foot some of the blame for the cost to consumers, but those in Windsor have to contend with the ridiculous spending that far outstrips the cost to maintain the distribution system.

In 2014, EnWin’s expenditure on operations and maintenance tipped the scales at $4.1 million. Spending on administration, however, came in at $20.6 million, or almost $5 spent on administrators for every dollar that went to distributing energy, EnWin’s sole purpose in life.

Five times the amount spent on distribution went to feed the hogs that are administrators.

London Hydro is almost twice as large as Windsor in terms of residential customers. London also has twice the kilometers of power lines, including the more costly rural lines.

London spent $15.4 million on O&M, or over three times what EnWin did.

So, why did London spend just $16.9 million on administration?

The same scenario is played out at the other energy distributors across the province. The only reason I can figure for another EnWin rate increase application is to continue to spend on administrators at the rate to which they are accustomed.

If the province establishes the peak, mid-peak, and off-peak rates, exactly what rates are EnWin requesting to raise?

It should also be no surprise that a rate increase is coming considering that the former Windsor CAO transferred to EnWin.

Helga Reidel is infamous for the outrageous salary paid to her by taxpayers. She was appointed to the top civil servant position in the city in 2009 and, back then, her annual salary was a paltry $160,488. Since then her salary rose 67% to $267,676, over a matter of just six years.

You can bet that she didn’t take a pay cut when she went to EnWin. But we’ll never know because of the shroud of secrecy over the city owned corporation.

Now you know the real reason EnWin applied for a rate increase; or, at least a major one.

Adding insult to injury, Reidel has also sold her Windsor home and moved within the last few months. Did she stay in Windsor? Or were the exorbitant EnWin rates one of the reasons for her moving?

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  1. Helga is a puppet for Enwin just like she was when she worked for the city of Windsor. There is one person that is way over paid, she has a salary that she definitely does not deserve.

  2. As a small business owner, I can tell you the rates have gone through the roof! I’m paying an average of $150-200 more per month over last year and we have less power consumption during peak hours than ever before! We turn off EVERYTHING and my bill still skyrocketed. Not sure how they all think we can keep up with these hikes when the cost of living increases are not there to pick up the slack.Time to investigate them all for price fixing for their own benefit.

  3. Wait a minute, was this the same utility that walked the CFO out on investigative suspension last year for spending over a million dollars on consultants that were not required and without approval? Funny, the same Board then promoted the CFO as interim President to cover up the whole thing? Just another example of wasteful spending….

  4. If she runs Enwin then she should have to live in Windsor

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