When Will Holt Learn?

Tuomi-HeaderKudos go out to the August 22 actions of the Francis Council’s stalwart members to quickly shut down an idea by Ward 4 councillor Chris Holt.

The irrepressible junior councillor, this is but his first term, wanted to do something for regular folk. When he was given a stern no by the Francis Council cabal, he took to whining on Facebook. He actually, and many will laugh, apologized to his followers for being too ineffective to finish work at Stodgell Park.

The park is in a virtual no man’s land, which means it is distant from the wards held by the Francis Party. This one key point should have convinced him to toe the line.

Disappointingly, Holt showed considerable temerity by even asking.

Most non-Francis Party councillors should know by now that they should be seen but not heard, in the windowless chamber.

Holt might have thought he had cobbled together a plan to upgrade the venerable park. Unfortunately, he was way off base. In his social media post he talked of having money left over from the million dollars councillors were given for road work from the 2013 Enhanced Capital Budget.

Somehow, Holt confused road work with park work and the Francis Council was right to discretely correct him. Besides, if he had money left over it meant he didn’t do the roadwork.

That should be criminal, particularly for Holt.

Smooth Roads Windsor actually started in his ward, by Kate Tapak. Because of a medical situation, the city’s poor roads aggravated her condition.

Holt should have kept his focus on doing what the Francis Council wanted and spent his money on roads and only roads. Instead, he goes rogue and tries to change the rules mid-game. He says he found he had, “… some money from that exercise left over, and were asked what we wanted to do with it.”

I had enough money to completely finish the plans for Stodgell Park, which has gone through every process needed for implementation. Except that pesky funding part. There was [sic] no funds allocated for the project for the next five years.

Holt even admits to understanding, “… the wording of the 3 year old council resolution that it needed be spent on roads. I had to go to council to allow me to spend it on the park.”

He then tried to get the Francis Council to budge and allow him to use that money on Stodgell to finish the project. He was particularly incensed that, as he explains, “… the last round of Enhanced Capital Budget funding was allowed to go to things such as a splash pad and a community centre expansion.”

Ultimately, once the vote was taken, “… the majority of council voted against my desire to spend ward 4 funds on parkland, despite the documented parkland deficiency in the ward.”

When will Holt get it?

Parkland deficiency is not an issue for the Francis Council, which is out to close, not upgrade, parks as part of its war against taxpayers. It has too much going on to even think taxpayer money should be used to make lives better.

Who in their right mind would even imagine such a travesty?

Why, the Council has tunnels, and canals, and swimming events on its insular agenda. It has no time for people, like Holt, who think they are on Council to represent taxpayers. Where the heck did he get such a false impression?

Hopefully, Holt will learn his lesson, get onboard the train, and vote as he should. At least if he wants to be re-elected. What voter in his ward would support a rabble rouser who wants to do things for his community?

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