Put A Stop To Wolf

Tuomi-HeaderI nearly drove off the road on the way into work this morning. It’s a good thing I wasn’t on the Ambassador Bridge. We have just been hit in the head with another example of how the bureaucrats running Windsor are refusing to do anything for the people.

CBC Radio news reported this morning that the word from the city is that citizens angling for four-way stop signs in their neighbourhoods can forget about it.

That’s from John Wolf, the city’s senior manager for traffic operations.

Since when does an administrator tell taxpayers what to do? We have fallen down the slippery slope by allowing this.

Wolf, in a report on the public broadcaster’s website, says the stops don’t work, we have 80% more than we need, and they create a, “… false sense of security especially to children and pedestrians who think every vehicle is going to stop.”

Really? But don’t the pedestrians stop and look both ways?

Extend Wolf’s logic and we should get rid of the Windsor Police Service because it creates a false sense of security.

How big is the issue?

The CBC quoted Councillor Ed Sleiman, a former welding trainer and the hardest working man on council. He is quoted as saying, “I get [a request] probably every few months. People say, ‘I need four-way stop signs, it’s a dangerous corner,’ … they are really concerned, do I blame them? No.”

Should we do as administration says?

Yes we should. It is the price we pay when government by the people for the people is run out of town.

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  1. Just another example that our city does not listen to its taxpayers, and is poorly run not only by council but by city administration.

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