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Tuomi-HeaderNestor Chyz is a local member of Facebook, the famed social media website. He often posts information about the so-called mega hospital.

Chyz actually does more than post. It is not uncommon for him to seek answers to some of the issues that concern him.

This happened on July 28 with a letter he sent to Windsor’s interim mayor, Drew Dilkens, and the city’s 10 councillors. Chyz simply wanted a few answers about the $2 billion dollar facility slated for a bean field east of the airport.

The site was chosen by a non-elected committee.

A sticking point with Chyz is the many millions of dollars Windsor taxpayers will pay to service the property. There is also the issue of urban sprawl at a time at which the city has considerable empty properties.

The questions Chyz sought answers for are not unusual, nor are they ones that are hard to answer. They do nicely frame a number of issues.

Silence from the elected representatives speaks volumes.

Readers who think the questions are logical and deserve answers should copy and paste into an email to their ward councillor.

  • What do you plan to do to replace the vacant doctors’ offices in the core & how do plan on replacing the lost tax $?
  • How are you going to fund the needed infrastructure for the Mega Hospital?
  • How are you going to fund the extra buses that will be necessary?
  • How is Enwin going to pay for the necessary hospital sub-station?
  • How are you going to fund capital improvements in the rest of the city?
  • How are you going to attract businesses to the core?
  • How are you going to clear up congested Walker Rd?
  • How can you justify unnecessary development in Sandwich South?
  • How are you going to explain to people in the core that the only emergency room in Windsor is 12 km away?
  • Why, for $2 billion are we only getting 500 beds & no additional services?
  • Why are you ignoring good urban planning & infill?
  • How is the Mega Hospital strategically located & accessible for all citizens?
  • How is the Mega Hospital compatible with an airport & a jail?
  • How will pedestrian & cycling access be accommodated in a safe convenient manner?
  • How does the Mega Hospital facilitate its integration with the surrounding neighbourhood, where the surrounding neighbourhood is farm land?
  • How is the Mega Hospital an optimal use of existing infrastructure?
  • How does the Mega Hospital promote a land use policy that reduces vehicle trips?
  • How does the Mega Hospital increase cycling & walking?
  • How does the Mega Hospital provide for a more compact urban form?
  • How does the Mega Hospital minimize vehicle trips & travel distances?
  • Has there been a traffic impact study done to support the Mega Hospital proposal?
  • Why are you allowing a regional institutional centre to be built in a regional commercial centre as designated by the City’s Official Plan?
  • My 20 Year Vision has always included a hospital in the core, Why doesn’t yours?

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  1. How do I copy and paste. I love these

  2. We have posted the email addresses for Windsor’s councillors, as well as many other useful contact details, on our site at

  3. The questions above need to be answered and our ineffective mayor and city council should step up to the plate and answer these concerns. The Mega hospital for this area has not been approved by the Provincial Liberal government yet. The area we live in is NDP, now do you really think that the Liberal Provincial government will approve this new Mega hospital for this area. Now do you really think that our ineffective mayor and city council will answer these questions in this article, I doubt it very much our elected officials like to keep us in the dark.

  4. Thx Robert

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