A Parking Lot With A Hospital Attached

A local hospital activist was caught trying to learn closely guarded government secrets like, how many parking spots are at Met and the Ouellette campus. Using only her first name, she blatantly contacted the person in charge of parking at the hospital and received a polite response back stating they’d have the information in about an hour.

Following a thorough investigation at the hospital, she received an email, which used her full name, from the Chief Privacy Officer at Windsor Regional Hospital; a lawyer.

…we have an information request process. Our process helps us keep requests organized, in order and helps us respond to them in a fair manner… please send your request to my attention by way of Freedom of Information Request. WHR will waive the $5.00 fee.

So they keep records on people asking suspicious questions? And they use a lawyer as Chief Privacy Officer to closely guard the secret number of parking spaces. I guess he didn’t realize anyone could just go count them.

So much for transparency.

Parking questions surrounding the proposed mega-hospital plans arose following the Stantec presentation on behalf of the suddenly silent Hospital Committee.

Surface parking for 3,096 spaces generally takes about 20 acres, but the scale diagram showed parking was the predominant need for the 60 acre site. Some people believe that an appropriately located hospital with a parking garage would be preferred over a new 546 acre subdivision to support a parking lot with attached hospital.

new Windsor hospital-site-plan

I was going to leak the current number of spaces with a few minutes of research, but was distracted when I saw the revenue generated from parking at the two hospitals.

Windsor Regional takes in $1.7 million annually in parking revenues from lots at its two sites — Met and Ouellette. But it has about $1.2 million in parking expenses — the biggest expense is the mortgage payments on a fairly new parking garage at the Ouellette campus. The $500,000 net profit from parking goes to pay for hospital equipment. (Cross, Windsor Star, 23 September 2014)

That might explain why parking is more important than people. But, it doesn’t excuse it.


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  1. If the city can find away to make things difficult they will, nothing is strait forward with any city facility. The question asked should have been at the finger tips of the person it was asked, just another way of wasting tax dollars.

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