Subsidizing Francis’ Hypocrisy

Tuomi-HeaderThe current presumptive mayor-in-waiting, Freddie Francis, while having a stern message for taxpayers after city council’s September 19 meeting, also exposed himself as a possible hypocrite.

At the meeting, he and his council mates rejected a way to help clean up discarded bulky items of garbage that often appear on city streets. If the plan won approval, residents could drop off their large items, such as old couches and the like, at the city dump for free, at certain times.

Francis immediately saw this as a one way road to creating a lopsided city in which some people get a break at the expense of others.

If the once rosy city lets a minority of voters deposit their junk for free, Francis told the Windsor Star, “… taxpayers will have to subsidize this and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Suddenly, the man waiting patiently in the wings to take over the city is talking fairness.

It is nothing if not both hypocritical and odd, because the same Francis Council, of which Francis is one of its outstanding members, is laying out millions to subsidize the December competition of a rich, foreign swimming organization.

If Francis applied the same logic, he would be forced to demand the FINA swimming event move elsewhere, simply because it is giving so little to the city’s downtrodden unwashed. As it is now, few, if any, North American cities can even afford the excessive costs of underwriting such swim meets.

In the case of FINA, all taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars for a competition that will largely benefit foreign swimmers and possibly a few taxpayers, such as hotel operators, for but a few days. It is certainly not a sustainable economic development.

Granted, FINA will draw $1.5 million from the multiple millions in its bank account to pay for a temporary pool at the east end arena. It is a very small percentage of a cost that is likely ballooning to more than $25 million, all in.

Media reports talk of the bulky item drop off potentially costing the city about $15,000 a year. What the city is paying to FINA could finance fee-less bulk item drop-off at the dump for at least 1,500 years.

Allowing citizens to cart their bulky things to the dump and being able to do it free of charge is nothing short of an incentive to dissuade them from pitching their stuff on the road and creating an untidy city.

It turns out, the car lot Francis works at during the day often provides incentives to its customers. It is a way of selling more automobiles.

Does Francis think such incentives are also unfair because it means other car buyers have to subsidize the discounts?

Francis has not yet responded to queries from The Square.

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  1. andy furlong | 12 October 2016 at 00:07 |

    Anyone know how much City financing is now run through the WFCU? It is a conflict of interest for Freddie to participate in any council business that may benefit the business his brother is vice-president of.

  2. Robert another excellent article, you are so right about Freddie Francis double standard with Mr. Flip Flop. Freddie is just like his brother fast Eddie very arrogant and only thinks what will benefit himself. Now we all know that he will not contact the Windsor Square as he does not like it when people call him on his failures.

  3. Do not hold your breath waiting for a response from him. Arrogance knows no bounds.

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