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Tuomi-HeaderThere are strange things happening in the city common sense forgot. A few are precisely detailed here.

It has been learned one of the stipulations for Windsor hosting the venerable Memorial Cup next year is to add an upper level platform at the east end arena to accommodate up to 150 journalists. The cost, approved by Council at its October 3 session, is $250,000.

Did this addition catch the city in somewhat of a lie?

Windsor reported that the costly FINA swimming event in December will attract the world’s attention, but somehow the city was quite satisfied with existing media facilities. Now that the Memorial Cup is coming to town, a very serious upgrade to media facilities is needed.

Apparently the upgrade was not in the works for FINA

Oddly, in an about time sort of way, new evidence suggests not everyone is being fooled by the majority of city councillors and their penchant for not attending to the needs of regular folk. The Council is, of course, at war with the unwashed and is pursuing a course of removing their amenities.

However, slowly the more observant in the city are putting two and two together. One of them is Doug Charles.

In a comment, following the Windsor Star’s coverage of the October 3 Council meeting, he talked of there being, “… personality differences between the mayor and the four councillors actually representing the citizens.”

Too often, the role of a presumptive mayor-in-waiting is to walk gingerly, as if trundling on eggs. This is so that no feathers get ruffled in the run-up to the election.

Not so in Windsor.

Freddie Francis, considered by some as the talent on offer by the Francis Party for the mayor’s job in the 2018 election, or possibly sooner, made himself look rather undiplomatic at the latest Council meeting. By doing so, he managed to raise the ire of Albert Edmond, a commentator on the paper’s report.

The matter concerned past mayoral candidate Bill Marra’s objection to Council when they found out next year’s Memorial Cup required a million dollars of arena upgrades. Edmond surmised that Marra, “… wanted to make a point and it was a valid point, not just something to garner media attention.”

Marra was upset that the million dollars was not revealed to him and his council mates when they were deciding to bid for the Cup. He ended up facing tart comments from Francis.

This caused Edmond to say, “… Francis acted like an arrogant little snot and his ‘rookie’ status shone through. He may be one of the ‘anointed’ ones, but acting like a punk isn’t going to get him very far.”

Such comments about Francis might not be the positioning the Francis Party would like to see for its shooting star mayoral candidate.

Oddly, the Star reported that interim mayor Dilkens believed the Memorial Cup will, “… help rebrand the city. I can’t think of a better way to rebrand the city than having the national media here for 10 days.”

Dilkens, of course, provided no evidence. Red Deer, which hosted the event earlier this year has not been rebranded nor is it the darling of Canada. In reality, hosting the event will not rebrand any city.

It is just another short-term sports event at a time when the city desperately needs sustainable economic development to increase property tax revenue. Dilkens, with his odd sporting events, does not seem to understand what economic development can do to build a city and even rebrand it.

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  1. Unfortunately our ineffective mayor and majority city councillors are not interested in building Windsor’s economy. They are only thinking of one thing their EGO’s getting a boost. Our streets are crumbling and our taxes are going up to support sporting events that only (and this is a high estimate) 5% of the taxpayers of Windsor support. Freddie Francis is trying to be a smart guy on the block, but he is failing and would make a worse mayor than his brother fast Eddie. Bill Mara is correct they should have had all the costs laid out in front of them prior to voting on the Memorial Cup. Our city is already branded as the highest property taxed and the infrastructure that is crumbling all around us with no help from our ineffective mayor and our city councillors.

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