Hospital Site Selection Process Flawed

The spokespeople for the Windsor Regional Hospital contend that their process selected the best site. However, they only looked at sites that were made available to them by RFP. As well, it can be argued that their process selected a site that is inferior to the other, short-listed site from that same process.

The spokespeople for Citizens for and Accountable Mega-hospital Planning Process (CAMPP) contend that the proposed site will be detrimental to the sustainability of the city and by extension the region.

What should be made clear is that there is no evidence that any effort was made on the part of the hospital steering committee to determine what would be the optimum location for a new, single-site hospital.

What do I mean by this?

By analyzing, hospital user data such as where a patient came from, how they arrived and why they are at the hospital (trauma, illness, out-patient treatment, consultation, etc) an actual best location could be identified. That location could then be refined by considering ambulance coverage, existing road networks, public transit and alternative transportation modes.

Without this analysis no one can claim to know where the best location is.

CAMPP has gone to extreme lengths to bring its concerns to the public and create a dialogue. They have researched other hospital projects, provincial policy, sought expert opinion, implored our MPPs, councilors, mayors, MPs, and government ministers to have this very necessary, public conversation.

The hospital and the majority of our local, elected officials have gone to extreme lengths to squelch any discussion of the proposed site.

For a project of this magnitude, that will affect so many people it is unseemly that there has not been a fulsome, public dialogue.

James Coulter