CAMPP Followers Building Steam

Weeks-Header“Start to worry!” “Serious consequences!” “Concern should begin right now!” “Bulldoze them into acting!” “Start twisting arms in back rooms!” “Concerns are myopic, hyper-local and inconsequential!” ” Create this urgency!” “Keep the pressure up!”

These expressions of panic and desperation are sprinkled liberally throughout two recent Windsor Star articles that feature the thoughts of Dave Cooke and David Musyj. Are Windsor and Essex County’s two unelected mega hospital czars sensing the growing public opposition to their plan?

While they claim the urgency is directed at the powers that be in Toronto, I believe it’s really directed at the awakening sleeping giant of public awareness in Windsor.

Due to the tireless efforts of the volunteers of Citizens for an Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process (CAMPP), including word of mouth, canvassing door to door, public meetings, rallies, and the creation and distribution of a mass of lawn signs, the mega-facts are no longer under the public radar.

The mega-czars claim that CAMPP doesn’t represent the opinions of the majority, but when citizens are given details of their plan, such as the planned destruction of our two working hospitals and the far flung location of the proposed new hospital, they have reacted with surprise, anger, and shock.

Common are exclamations like, “That’s Crazy,” “How can they do that,” and several variations of, “Over my dead body.”

CAMPP asks, if the czars say it is such a good plan, why is there so much opposition to it? Why does the CAMPP movement continue to swell, while the mega hospital czars are forced to take to the local paper to plead for citizen support?

While not opposed to the mega-hospital, CAMPP volunteers believe the overall mega-plan is not the best solution to address the deficiencies and inefficiencies that are crippling our health care system.

CAMPP is requesting a re-think of the entire mega-hospital planning process. They want a mindful, well publicized, transparent exercise in which information is freely given, questions patiently answered, and respectful discussion readily encouraged.

The hospital’s rezoning application will soon go before a public meeting and shortly afterward a city council meeting.

There will be a discussion about proper planning and choice of location from a zoning perspective. By swelling these meetings with lineups out into the hallway, as well as presenting multiple delegations, Windsor and Essex County citizens can let their elected representatives know that they will no longer have their concerns dismissed by Cooke and Musyj as being, “… myopic, hyper-local and inconsequential.”

The politicians have seen the lawn signs, soon it will be the public’s chance to show them their strength.

I’ll see you there.