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Tuomi-HeaderA few observant observations from here and there, mostly here in the city.

On hand for the announcement of the new Catholic high school taking over the space now occupied by the soon to be demolished downtown arena was the failed former mayor, Eddie Francis. Oddly CTV News did not shine their spotlight on him.

This is the second pop-up of the old city magistrate. He was on hand for the opening of a new pool at the east end arena, which will compete with the new YMCA pool down the street. The arena pool is needed because Francis’ downtown natatorium is too small to host the second-tier short-course FINA swimming competition in December.

There may be more to this than meets the eye.

It could suggest Francis is planning a comeback of mayoral proportions. Some who have seen the financial statements of the credit union where he works are not impressed with his performance.

Service seems to be slipping at the library system under new head Kitty Pope. Almost immediately after taking the corner office, she quickly told her staff to no longer accept gently used books from taxpayers to stock her book sale.

Recently, at one library, two librarians were at their desks, but only one was handling patrons who were lining up. The reason, the librarian not in service was on official library business.

Has Pope changed the rules of the game?

Is customer service no longer official library business, or is it just another sign of how far the city has moved along the path of administrative duties taking precedence over book borrowers.

Mixed messages were emitted when the province approved building a new Catholic high school downtown. Why would the province invest in the core of the city when an unelected committee is trying to have it close Windsor’s remaining two hospitals in favour of one south of the airport?

The new hospital will be far distant from the densely populated northern part of the city and will create more urban sprawl.

The price tag for the school is also much less than the cost of the city’s new administrative centre. The teachers will have to put up with what will probably be a three story building constructed for $24 million.

It will be in eyesight, and will share a parking garage, with the new $40 million city hall, which will also be three stories.

It might be proof the new hall will be a palace to delight the administrators toiling under its roof. Windsor council could have done the right thing and went for upgrade renovations.

Essex County did this for a fraction of the cost and can, obviously, use the difference to help provide better services to residents.

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