Have Some Respect

By Heather Burton

Recently I witnessed a verbal altercation on social media. The poster basically asked for all to respect our veterans by refraining from decorating for the Christmas season until after Remembrance Day on November 11.

I thought it was a reasonable request.

Others didn’t feel as respectful and, although I feel everyone has a right to their opinion regardless of religion or creed, I do feel strongly that our men and women who have fought to give us our freedom are entitled to at least one day without the hoopla of Christmas.

Have we truly forgotten our heroes that gave us that freedom?

I have never served in the military, but my grandfather was in the Home Guard in Scotland, my ex-father in law served in the Canadian Navy, and my ex-mother in law served in the WRCNS during World War II. All three, regardless of the positions they held, eagerly enlisted and served their country and its citizens.

Are they not entitled to one day a year without the mention of Christmas?

I can understand retailers stocking shelves with holiday displays and merchandise, but I feel that Christmas has been glamorized and the main focus of the holiday has been clouded by monetary greed.

Recently in the US, numerous retailers have decided not to open on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in that country in order to allow their employees to spend the day with their families.

Many reading this might wonder why I’m relaying this point, but I do so because there hasn’t been a social media backlash on retailers closing their doors for Thanksgiving. Instead, there’s an issue with the idea of holding off on displaying Christmas items before Remembrance Day.

Interesting how ignorance prevails on social media isn’t it?

So, what is the big deal really? Will it kill anyone to wait a few days before putting up a tree?

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