Dilkens Gift Not From Windsor

By Tim Stewart

(WINDSOR, ON) – Regarding the controversy over Drew Dilkens presenting a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey to US Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps, I would like to offer the following commentary.

The label on a gold bottle of Canadian Club indicates that it is a gift from Drew Dilens to Michael Phelps.<br>Photo courtesy of Drew Dilkens via Facebook.

The label on a gold bottle of Canadian Club indicates that it is a gift from Drew Dilens to Michael Phelps.
Photo courtesy of Drew Dilkens via Facebook.

Mayor Dilkens’ comment that Phelps, “… doesn’t classify himself as an alcoholic …” can only be based in ignorance. The first step of the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve step program is admitting to one’s lack of control over alcohol.

Phelps has had some recent, and well publicized, problems with alcohol. The point is made not to judge Phelps, but to present the possibility that he simply isn’t ready to take that first step.

Dilkens claims to have done his homework, but it appears to have been a lackadaisical effort. Giving alcohol to a person with potential addiction issues is a mistake, at the very least.

It also appears that a similar lack of thought was given to labelling the bottle.

Dilkens states that he gave a, “… gift that’s completely relevant from our community.”

No argument.

Why, then, is there no mention of our community on the label? The label should rightly read, Presented by the community of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to Michael Phelps. The current label appears to describe a personal gift from mayor Drew Dilkens.

If this gift was meant to showcase the community, one might expect the name of that community to appear on the label of the bottle. I thought we were trying to put our entire community on the world stage and not just one individual.

Long ago, this arrogant mayor, and many of his council colleagues, lost the ability to admit mistakes. It has become embarrassing.

A bottle of whiskey will soon sit on Phelps’ trophy shelf while on its label there is no mention of the people who paid handsomely to bring him and his colleagues to our city.

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Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart is a regular contributor to Square Media Group. He is a resident and tax payer in Windsor, where he lives with his family. Email Tim Stewart