Payne Fails To Understand Democracy

By Tim Stewart

In response to Ward 9 councilor Hilary Payne’s letter to the Windsor Star, Payne’s comments are interesting to say the least.

As to keeping tax increases at zero, this was done by the cutting of services, outsourcing of good paying jobs, increasing user fees, and by taking money from future councils. There was nothing the least bit impressive about it.

Smoke and mirror mathematics at best.

Payne’s comments further ignore the outrageously erroneous operating cost projections for the WFCU arena and the WIATC. Both facilities now lose exponentially more money than was projected to the taxpayers.

Now, we hear proposals to increase marketing budgets and pour millions more into the poorly performing aquatics centre.

Again, with all due respect, that’s not impressive Mr Payne.

Is it that difficult to admit that egregious errors have been made?

Many of the so called naysayers, as Payne call them, saw this coming and warned him and his colleagues against acting too hastily. Those cautionary voices from the so called “vocal minority” were completely ignored.

It’s clear that Councillor Payne disagrees with the report cards as handed out by Anne Jarvis. It further appears that he disagrees with the idea of mid-term report cards in general.

That type of mindset is a glaring part of the problem with our past and present municipal leadership.

The public will express its opinions of our local leadership every day Mr Payne, if we so choose. Politicians need to heed the opinions of their constituents on an on-going basis, not just at election time.

You should look forward to these report cards to gauge your performance and that of your colleagues, through the eyes of your constituents.

It might be worth mentioning that, once elected, you represent the so called “silent majority” and the “vocal minority” equally.  It’s about the greater good of the community, not personal agendas.

That, Mr Payne, is democracy.

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