Hilary Payne Defends Incompetent Council

To help local residents understand the nuances of the local faux democracy, Ward 9 councilor Hilary Payne will often explain the Francis Council in letters to the editor of the Windsor Star. His latest missive was published January 12.

Although a master of pretense, Payne may need to up his game. No longer are citizens accepting everything he says. Some are taking to the paper’s comment section to debunk his bunk.

As a sycophant, Payne knows he can write with abandon and make unfounded claims; and he does.

His recent letter had innumerable doozies including his attempt to pretend Council’s, “… overall performance of keeping tax increases at zero for eight years is impressive.”

Of course it would be impressive if a modern municipal miracle had transpired. It didn’t.

His council upped property taxes to equal the reduction in education taxes. Taxpayers should have had eight years of tax reductions. It didn’t happen.

Payne likes non-sequiturs, boldly declaring that this illusionary holding the line on taxes, “… demonstrate that the city is being governed and administered efficiently.”

Not so, writes Larry Bensette. He can’t, “… remember the last time anyone running the city has built something with mega bucks that held its own or even paid back.”

One of the city’s costly mistakes is its money-losing aquatics centre.

Robert Walker reminds Payne that residents told the council it, “… was a bad deal. We wrote it out for you like a mom does their kid’s homework. But, the high and mighty elected ones decided once again to ignore common sense.”

Payne has a unique interpretation of democracy and the role of elected representatives.

In Payne’s mind, people, “… run as individuals and are free to vote accordingly.”

It is a seriously flawed position.

Councilors are not elected to do as they wish, but to represent taxpayers. Payne himself consistently votes with the Francis Party and thinks it is appropriate because democracy is nothing more than the right people have to vote every four years. He is implying that Councilors are free to do as they wish.

This actually demeans democracy.

Payne should represent the wishes of his Ward 9 residents every day. Jean Wissler Rusbridge reminds him that with, “… democracy comes responsibility.”

Maria Wojewnik thinks Payne and his colleagues are hypocrites and wonders if, “… democracy is being preserved when the secret closed door meetings are called after the Council doesn’t vote the way anticipated in the first time.”

Wojewnik was referencing the vote last week to out-source caretakers at Huron Lodge. It went against the numerous delegations who were not welcome at city hall.

No doubt Payne’s next letter will explain how this was democratic.

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