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Tuomi-HeaderThe arrival of two women, on separate occasions, to Queen’s Park shows the depth of the chasm between the government and the people. One exposed considerable arrogance the other incredible humility.

As the legislature was readying to shut down for the holidays, pomp and ceremony greeted Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell’s arrival. Returning the favour, she praised its members for doing good work.

This was over the top arrogance in a province suffering the crisis of its citizens being pushed by the uncaring government into energy poverty.

Although it can be argued, as the Queen’s representative, Dowdeswell was simply being polite. But, surely she must have heard of the Boston Tea Party, which led to England losing its control of America, was about high taxes without representation.

In Ontario, high hydro rates are set by the Ontario Energy Board, whose members are non-elected.

And certainly Dowdeswell must know Premier Kathleen Wynne’s high taxes will bring the province to its knees. Instead of congratulating the legislators she should have berated them.

Next to visit for an audience with the premier was Libby Keenan.

The humble horse farmer from Amherstburg is struggling under the weight of Wynne’s punishing tax schemes. Wynne’s response should have the province worried. She vaguely promised a new budget with relief for the hardest hit.

Does she really not know the hardest hit are most of the province’s homeowners, businesses, and public institutions?

Companies are closing, jobs are being lost, seniors are turning off their furnaces, and families are being crushed under her avalanche of taxes. Wynne has no clue.

In a yearend interview with CTV’s Paul Bliss, Wynne said her hydro bill is stable from her efforts to be energy efficient. She is anything but a friend of the province.

After accepting responsibility for the hydro situation, she removed the 8% provincial sales tax from hydro bills, but simultaneously slapped new taxes, of about the same combined amount, on gasoline and natural gas.

It was a good trick.

Wynne obviously knows natural gas bills fluctuate, especially at this time of year, so few will notice her new tax.

Her trickery of giving with one hand and taking away with the other is disconcerting. If Wynne offers relief to the hardest hit by her draconian taxation, those a little better off will have to make up the difference and, by definition, become the new hardest hit.

Wynne can’t be naïve enough not to know her actions are political suicide. But, she seems not to care.

As to the complicit Dowdeswell, she should be ashamed. Keenan, on the other hand, should get the citizen of the year award.

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