Windsor Council Ignores Residents

Shortly, it will be 58 years since American rock and roll superstar Jerry Lee Lewis went to in London, England to show off his new wife; his third. Myra Lewis was not only his first cousin once removed, she was also 13 years old.

Lewis, reported the Daily Mail on May 24, 2008, the 50th anniversary of that famed Heathrow arrival, pretended she was a suitable marrying age of 15.

“It was also revealed that he may have been bigamously married to her, since he hadn’t yet become divorced from his second wife, whom he’d married at 17, having wed his first wife at 14.”

With such revelations, polite society quickly put a lid on the wild piano player’s career. Lewis would never regain his stature.

“Were this to happen today, any star would instantly surround himself with a legion of publicists who would do their utmost to put a positive gloss on the situation,” surmised the Mail.

In the case of Senator Don Meredith, alleged to have had marital relations with a teen while being old enough to be her father. He tried to ignore the Court of Public Opinion. It proved to be his downfall. He delayed the inevitable, but eventually resigned, as Global News reported May 9, “… rather than wait to see if his colleagues expel him.”

In some aspects, the Meredith situation, at least the part about not giving up his Senate seat, is reminiscent of Windsor’s disgraced Councilor Al Maghnieh. When found with personal charges on a library credit card, he tried to dismiss it.

It didn’t work.

Despite his loss of credibility, he kept his seat. Council members were powerless to do anything about the bad name he had given them all.

Lewis received a guilty verdict from the Court of Public Opinion. It was something he couldn’t fight, his shiny career was sullied and dulled and was largely over.

Politicians on the other hand, may get chastised by the public, but can decide to proceed on their way without much impact until their time is up. The arrogant Maghnieh, even ran to keep his seat. He was soundly trounced.

On May 8, the members of the Francis Council did nothing as publicly egregious as Meredith or Maghnieh, but will probably find themselves equally subject to the Court. They ignored the public by not closing Matchette Road and by putting a statue in the middle of a traffic circle planned for Olde Sandwich.

It was another example of how government by the people for the people no longer resides in Windsor. But while they soldier on, with no regard for their masters, their date with the Court of Public Opinion is set for October, 2018.

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